Welcome to EMCC Slovenija



Who we are?

  • A group of enthusiastic people who believe in positive change and the holistic development of individuals, organizations and society!
  • With very diverse backgrounds (from psychology, economics, architecture, mechanical engineering, andragogy, management…) we connect social, economic and technical knowledge!
  • We have been germinating in various projects and gained extensive experience at home and abroad!

Our Vision 

Slovenija – mentoring and coaching  country and coaching  country

Our Mission

To develop and promote mentoring and coaching culture!

Our Values

  • knowledge           
  • empowerment  
  • progress               
  • integrity  
  • honesty               
  • respect 
  • courage                
  • empathy




Management Board:

President: Danijela Brečko

Vice-president: Nevenka Oštarjaš

Secretary: Iris Kline Arih

Treasury: Metka Lampe



Membership in EMCC Slovenija brings many benefits:

– free participation on EMCC Slovenia professional meetings (at least four times a year),

– discount on participation on workshops, conferences / congresses of EMCC Slovenija,

– Free access to the proceedings of the Annual Congress of Coaches and Mentors

– presentation on the SCZ – EMCC Slovenija website, Our coaches tab,

– highlighting your events / activities in the SCZ – EMCC Slovenija newsletter,

– possibilities of cooperation and networking in joint initiatives within SCZ-EMCC Slovenija, as well as with external organizations,

– Free participation in EMCC Global events such as online webinars, conferences, etc. meetings available to members free of charge,

– access to the International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching and access to the research database,

– eligibility for discounts on accreditations, book purchases, participation in EMCC Global conferences, webinars, etc.,

– Automatic activation of the member profile on the EMCC Global website in the Find a Mentor / Coach section,

– the possibility of participation and networking of members in joint EMCC Global initiatives, such as active participation in selected working groups.


The membership fee for the year 2023 is 90 EUR. It includes also the membership in Slovenian Coaching Association.



Address: Cesta na Brdo 139, 1000 Ljubljana

Registration number: 4122909000
Tax number: 14332361
Taxpayer: NO
Transaction account: SI56 020110263473354
Legal organizational form: Society
Date of entry of the subject in the court register: 18.8.2020

Find a Mentor, Coach, or Supervisor

Search through our database to find a Mentor and/or Coach near you who matches your requirements. If you are an EMCC mentor/coach and wish to set up/edit your profile please log in and go to membership then choose the option for "My Account".