Welcome to EMCC Slovenija



Who we are?

  • A group of enthusiastic people who believe in positive change and the holistic development of individuals, organizations and society!
  • With very diverse backgrounds (from psychology, economics, architecture, mechanical engineering, andragogy, management…) we connect social, economic and technical knowledge!
  • We have been germinating in various projects and gained extensive experience at home and abroad!

Our Vision 

Slovenija – mentoring and coaching  country and coaching  country

Our Mission

To develop and promote mentoring and coaching culture!

Our Values

  • knowledge           
  • empowerment  
  • progress               
  • integrity  
  • honesty               
  • respect 
  • courage                
  • empathy




Management Board:

President: Danijela Brečko

Vice-president: Nevenka Oštarjaš

Secretary: Iris Kline Arih

Treasury: Metka Lampe



Membership in EMCC Slovenija brings many benefits:

– free participation on EMCC Slovenia professional meetings (at least four times a year),

– discount on participation on workshops, conferences / congresses of EMCC Slovenija,

– Free access to the proceedings of the Annual Congress of Coaches and Mentors

– presentation on the SCZ – EMCC Slovenija website, Our coaches tab,

– highlighting your events / activities in the SCZ – EMCC Slovenija newsletter,

– possibilities of cooperation and networking in joint initiatives within SCZ-EMCC Slovenija, as well as with external organizations,

– Free participation in EMCC Global events such as online webinars, conferences, etc. meetings available to members free of charge,

– access to the International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching and access to the research database,

– eligibility for discounts on accreditations, book purchases, participation in EMCC Global conferences, webinars, etc.,

– Automatic activation of the member profile on the EMCC Global website in the Find a Mentor / Coach section,

– the possibility of participation and networking of members in joint EMCC Global initiatives, such as active participation in selected working groups.



Address: Cesta na Brdo 139, 1000 Ljubljana

Registration number: 4122909000
Tax number: 14332361
Taxpayer: NO
Transaction account: SI56 020110263473354
Legal organizational form: Society
Date of entry of the subject in the court register: 18.8.2020

Find a Mentor, Coach, or Supervisor

Search through our database to find a Mentor and/or Coach near you who matches your requirements. If you are an EMCC mentor/coach and wish to set up/edit your profile please log in and go to membership then choose the option for "My Account".