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Research Competition

Invitation to submit a research proposal

EMCC global is a diverse organisation with over 11,000 members across the world with a wide variety of qualifications, roles and cultural backgrounds as coaches, team coaches, mentors and supervisors. We believe in the power of coaching and mentoring research to build an evidence base for our profession and are keen to work with universities and others to enhance the evidence in our field.

As part of this we are seeking suitably qualified and experienced researchers, practitioners or teams to undertake studies to inform our community.

Through a competitive application process, the EMCC Global wishes to initiate a programme of small high quality research projects to better understand how mentoring and coaching support human capital and leadership development. The research is crucial to enable EMCC global to position its offerings in a more relevant and larger impact domain.

We invite suitably experienced researchers from academic or other settings to propose a research project that will provide us with research-based insights into one of the following three themes:

1. What contribution can coaching make to leadership development program?
2. How do coaching skills / competences enhance leader effectiveness?
3. What can coaching contribute to the challenges faced by hybrid working environments?

The research proposal should demonstrate how it relates to a specific theme and the value it will bring to EMCC Global and the global coaching community. EMCC Global does not prescribe the approach and welcomes innovative approaches. It must be demonstrated that the approach is grounded in good research practice, engages practitioners and will produce valid results of publishable quality in peer review journals.  We expect proposals to include a systematic literature review, and to engage practitioners.

The researchers will be expected to produce a a peer review journal article, including a literature review, a practitioner white paper as outcomes from the research and will have the opportunity to share their research at the EMCC Global Research Conference on 8th September 2022.

Proposals should demonstrate co-development including members, practitioners and researchers in the design and delivery of the project.  Each successful proposal will be awarded up to 7k Euro to carry out a research project that will enable EMCC Global to become more aligned with human capital development field.

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Submission requirements

All entries must be received before 23h00 on Monday 11th April 2022 and should be emailed to [email protected]

All submissions will be acknowledged within two working days, if you do not receive acknowledgement please contact us.

N.B. EMCC Global reserves the right not to select a winning paper if, the it is the panel’s judgment that none of the entries are considered satisfactory.

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