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Prof. David Clutterbuck’s 75th Birthday Podcast Series

Prof. David Clutterbuck is co-founder of the EMCC Global, for which he remains active as a lifetime Special Ambassador.  A distinguished pioneer and prolific researcher in coaching, mentoring and supervision, David has written over 75 books (latest one called Coaching and Mentoring: A Journey Through the Models, Theories, Frameworks and Narratives of  David Clutterbuck – 29 Dec. 2022) and hundreds of articles on cutting edge themes. David maintains an extensive and continuous program of research in his own right. His academic work takes him to universities around the world. He has researched, published, and consulted around the world and leads a global network of trainer-consultant-researchers.  His clients include many of the world’s multinational companies, non-governmental agencies, and large public-sector organizations.

To celebrate David’s outstanding contribution, EMCC Global is honoured to co-produce this 12 part podcast series with Prof. David Clutterbuck in conversation with international colleagues, who have also helped shape the face of modern coaching, mentoring and supervision.

There will be 1 podcast released at the end of each month throughout 2023.

Podcast 1: Prof. David Clutterbuck & Kathy Kram

Podcast 2: Prof. David Clutterbuck & Dr David Drake

Podcast 3: Prof. David Clutterbuck & Dr Lois Zachary

Podcast 4: Prof. David Clutterbuck & Marshall Goldsmith

Podcast 5: Prof. David Clutterbuck & Dr. Elaine Cox

Podcast 6: Prof. David Clutterbuck & Erik de Haan

Podcast 7: Prof. David Clutterbuck, Prof. David Lane & Dr. Michael Cavanagh

Podcast 8: Prof. David Clutterbuck & Prof. Bob Garvey

Podcast 9: Prof. David Clutterbuck & Michel Moral

Podcast 10: Prof. David Clutterbuck & Prof. Peter Hawkins

Podcast 11: Prof. David Clutterbuck, Julie Hay, Dr. Lise Lewis & Dr. Riza Kadilar

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