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Session 2: Implementation – Knowledge exchange between research and practice recordings

Coaching and Neurosciences – The State of the Art: A Literature Review by Luca De Gaudenzi, Prof Lorenzo Pia & Joana Suta

Encountering our Futures and Future Selves as Leaders: Towards a Futures – Orientated Coaching in Leadership Development by Roger Maitland, Brett Anderson-Terry & Pam Moore

Developing Wise Leaders – What Can Coaching Offer? by Dr Jane Gaukroger & Johnny Craike

Through the Looking Glass: How Coaching and Mentoring Help Women Achieve Success in Top Leadership Positions by Claudine Menashe-Jones, Dr Rebecca Newton & Patrycja Sowa

BeWell Group Coaching for Wellbeing: using the power of groups to improve people’s wellbeing by Ana Paula Nacif

Supervision – Latest Research by Martine Bizouard

Gaining Insight and Mythbusting: Research into what EMCC Members Think of Climate Action by Rita Symons

The Role of Mentorship in Improving Early Stage Start-up Founders’ Self-Leadership by Ivan Yong & Dr Eleftheria Egel

Delivering Non-Musical Leadership Training to Principle Players of an Orchestra and Evaluating its Impact on the Individual, Team and Organisational Levels by Jane Booth

Longitudinal Measurement Invariance of the Working Alliance Inventory – Short Form Across Coaching Sessions by Marjolein Stefens

Mentoring Competencies by Mick Lavin, Florentina Soare and Gamze Acar Bayraktaroğlu

The Reflected Experience of Incorporating Self-Selected Music into Coaching: a Dissertation Study by Donna Wilcox

How to Boost Confidence and Resilience among BAME Female Professionals by Dr Ayse B Cinar


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