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EMCC Global Research Conference September 2022 Open Access to Recordings

The world of coaching, mentoring and supervision is changing rapidly.  Researchers have created a wealth of relevant research for practitioners to help respond to this change: from societal topics, such as equity and inclusion, to neuroscience and psychological models that support behavioural change. Yet, translating outcomes into actionable steps in practice is not always easy.

EMCC Global champions closer links between research and practice. Following a very successful conference in September 2022. We are pleased to make recordings from the conference widely available in accordance with the best practice of open access for research.

In publishing these conference recordings, EMCC Global aims to:

  • Challenge the false dichotomy between practice and research
  • Take practical steps for shared capital that benefits ourselves, our clients and our community
  • Co-create an agenda for collaborative research to address complex challenges

If you are ready to innovate your practice with the newest thinking or develop cutting-edge research to make an impact, then these conference recordings are for you!

The themes for the recordings cover:

  1. Why do we need to close the gap between research and practice? Importance of research to our practice, with a tribute to Prof. Anthony Grant

 Bridging the often perceived gap between research and practice is possible, and we have evidence for that in the person of the late Prof. Anthony Grant a pioneer in inclusive dialogue. As an esteemed practitioner, he not only contributed valuable research for a relatively new scientific field. Through his work, he has shown that a mutually beneficial collaboration between practice and research is possible. By celebrating his work and hearing from some who worked with Anthony Grant, we hope to inspire more of you to follow in his footsteps.

  1. Why is collaboration good for change? Implementation of research projects in practice

 Change is not only something we respond to, we can also drive it and give direction to innovation. For this, both practitioner and researcher perspectives are needed because practitioners often are the first to identify needs or trends to better support our clients while researchers can benefit from producing impactful research that supports such innovation.  That is why this dialogue – and your voice in it – matters.

  1. How can I find out more about research and showcase my own research? Research posters

Posters are available in our virtual poster gallery along with short articles from the poster competition winners designed to reach out to our members. If you would like to put a poster in the gallery then get in touch [email protected],

  1. How can I contribute to the dialogue?

 Listening is a core competence in our profession, especially active listening. You are welcome to apply your active listening skills and ask practitioners and researchers. Send your powerful questions to [email protected], and we will respond.



Session 1: IMPORTANCETaking out the sham and putting in the wham towards evidence based coaching practice chaired by Nathalie Lerotić Pavlik and Severin Sorensen

Session 2: IMPLEMENTATIONKnowledge exchange between research and practice chaired by Dr Lise Lewis

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