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Programme accreditation for Vietnam-based RNI Institute

The Mindful Coaching Programme at Vietnam-based RNI Institute has earned an EMCC Global Quality Award (EQA) accreditation. The programme is designed to cultivate the body of a coach and allow them to understand their own values and manage energy; combining this with technical coach training and a look to future coaching business development.

The programme was designed by Ruby Nguyen, herself an EMCC Global -accredited Senior Practitioner in coaching and mentoring. She has a Masters degree in Human Resources Development from Birmingham University in the UK, building on a Bachelor Degree in education from Hanoi Education University in Vietnam.

She said:

“Being awarded the EMCC Global Quality Accreditation is a great honor for us. This will truly take our coach training programme – ‘Mindful Coaching” to the next level. The EQA accreditation surely helps increase our confidence in the quality of our training and the trust of our students in us. This also serves as a guiding compass, reminding and directing us to continuously strive to deliver internationally recognized training programs of high standards and to spread the value of coaching to a wider audience.”

RNI Institute was founded in 2019 with a belief that within every individual lies a precious gem – a place that holds their full potential, values, uniqueness, and unparalleled qualities – which is the source of limitless strength and intelligence of a person. That belief has become the driving force and foundation of the Institute’s work which aims to: “Help people awaken the inner light and wisdom to live a meaningful life.”

As part of their programme accreditation journey, Ruby supported all the programme delivery staff to apply for their own EMCC Global individual accreditations via a focussed Vietnamese-language EMCC Five Day Challenge, expertly facilitated by EMCC Global-accredited coach supervisor and senior practitioner Huong Nguyen Thi Thuy. This 5DC was also EMCC Asia Pacific Region’s first Accreditation program led in a language other than English, and grateful thanks were extended to Vietnam Country Ambassador Dr. Nguyen Thanh Nhon for supporting the group and with translation, to EMCC Asia Pacific Region accreditation manager Tim Dyke who led this exciting new initiative.

RNI Institute adopts a “slow education” approach to facilitate the development of authentic values, wisdom, and well-being in individuals. The Institute is dedicated to promoting a holistic and balanced approach to education, empowering individuals to live purposefully and make a positive impact on society.

The impact is widespread: RNI Institute counts 30,000 people within its student body and has directly or indirectly served half a million people in 55 countries. Nearly 1,300 students have graduated from its intensive training programs. Furthermore, the Institute collaborates with major companies in Vietnam to provide training programs for their employees. This include the Vietnam Helicopter Corporation under the Ministry of Defence of Vietnam, Voice of Vietnam Broadcasting Station and Vietnam’s number one online learning platform UNICA.

RNI has also awarded $30,000 of scholarships to individuals with a strong desire for personal development.

Denise Whitworth, EMCC Global’s VP Accreditation and Membership, said: “This accreditation is testament to the dedication of Ruby and her team and is well deserved. I am also grateful to our accreditation colleagues in EMCC Asia Pacific Region who supported the process and exemplified the warm depth that is at the heart of our EMCC community.”

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