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Practitioner EQA for Sandown Business School

EMCC Global Practitioner Quality Award EQA for Sandown Business School

Sandown Business School has been awarded an EMCC Global Quality Award (EQA) for its Practitioner Diploma in Coaching with Science, Artistry and Systems, reflecting the standards of education and learning provided for coaches.

As well as an endorsement of the standard of content and experience in the programme, the EQA accreditation means that all coaches completing the programme and practical experience will be automatically eligible for their own individual accreditation (EIA).

Sandown Business School is based in Dublin, Ireland, and Surrey, England.

We asked business founders Pheona Croom-Johnson and Richella Boggan about the impact they are currently making with their team, and how accreditation serves both as a reflection of the standards at which they are operating as well as a framework and springboard for the future.

What does accreditation mean to you?

“We are delighted to have been awarded the EQA standard of coach education training from the EMCC. We are new kids on the block and often feel like ‘David in a sea of Goliaths’.  However, we are excited for what lies ahead for us and believe there is space for an agile, best practice coach training school who are leaning into the ’new’ and ‘emergent’ recognising that is going to best serve our students for today and the future.

“We are also seeking treble accreditation for all our coaching diplomas with a focus on neuroscience, psychology and ontology which we believe is unique to us. We work with our students from the inside out – giving them the best possible start to being successful in today’s changing environment.

“We have recently been awarded ‘Best in Class’ by the All-Ireland Business Foundation and have been recognised by the EMCC as being global best practice for coach education training – what an amazing start to the business.”

And your next steps?

“We want to extend our coach offering to ensure we have easy access points for all future students. We truly want our programmes to be accessible to all – which is why we recently offered a free place on our practitioner diploma. We practice what we preach.

“We have developed our two-day Leader as Coach programme which can lead on to a 12 week Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching and then the learner can move into our diplomas – and to our joy we are already finding students want to move from one diploma to the next and to the next.

“We are also building our ‘Be Free for 23’ series which is a monthly focus on today’s issues and how to overcome them using neuroscience, psychology and ontology.

“And finally, We are also working in the leadership space, building on our 35 years plus of experience in this field.  As you can see – we have great goals and as we keep telling ourselves – we are only just getting started.”

EMCC Global accreditation verifier and Global lead Shelley Crawford, in recommending Sandown Business School’s Diploma for this accreditation, said: “The team are to be commended for their dedication and commitment to this innovative and exciting programme.  The values underpinning the programme’s ethos and the quality of the learning and assessment design and material is a best practice model for the coaching global community.” 

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