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Mariam Panosetti joins EMCC Global Executive Board as Head of Global Services

Mariam Panosetti has joined the EMCC Global Executive Board with a mission to bring all operational areas together into one ‘well-oiled’ central team.

Mariam Panosetti

Mariam Panosetti

She is aligning support areas across EMCC Global, including HR, Finance, Communications, Events, Administration (including membership and accreditation), IT and legal, bringing together colleagues into one team who have traditionally supported EMCC in more discrete ways.

Mariam brings 20 years’ experience in coaching and management across complex areas to the role. She joins the EMCC Global Executive Board alongside President Riza Kadilar, VP Thought Leadership & Development Stephen Murphy, VP Accreditation and Membership Denise Whitworth and Treasurer Nigel Cumberland.

Mariam said: “Everyone I have spoken with puts their heart and soul into their work, and I look forward to bringing that together into one very competent, very professional central team all working to a common purpose.”

Crucial to the work of the Global Services Admin Team is visibility and shared value, an important aim given that volunteers and contractors report to different areas. Mariam is keen for achievements to be recognised and celebrated, that everyone is able to contribute and that there is sight and understanding of colleague’s work and commitments.

Externally, stakeholders should see a smoother and perhaps quicker response to interactions, while internally it should be more clear who to contact, the service they can expect and a visible alignment of EMCC Global activities.

The core Global Central Services Team (GCST) comprises representatives from support areas:

  • Karen Griffiths, Finance
  • Holly Bennett, Human Resources
  • Nicola Brown, Communications
  • Becky Underhill, Accreditation and Membership
  • Rosie Hawes, Membership, Thought Leadership and Development and Operational Admin
  • Luke Pipe, IT
  • Liz Baalham, Events Management
  • Kirsty Money-Osborne, Research
  • Danielle Stephan, Team Administrator

Mariam said she ‘fell in love’ with EMCC Global for the strength of its ethical foundation and depth of thinking and is looking forward to adding value to the EMCC Global Executive Board and to the central support team.

Mariam’s first coaching role back in 2000 was with a global leadership assessment and development firm. Initially, she felt daunted in applying for the role of organisational psychologist as she did not have the PhD and the 10 years’ experience that was specified in the advert, but with her background in psychology and counselling and bilingual English and French she applied and was taken on.

“They took me on and had some great consultants training me and that’s where I learned everything I know about 360 degree feedback, about simulation-based assessments, and about executive coaching,” she said.

“I started out super intimidated giving feedback to major executives, directors, and managers and I had to build myself and my confidence along just through pure competence. I never let myself be intimidated by titles, PhDs, length of experience, and relied much more on what I believed my strengths are, what I could learn from others to get me through that challenge, and making sure I have the right network of people around me for support.

“It’s about taking a leap of faith. It’s seeing something that’s big, that’s a little intimidating, but thinking ‘I tick most of the boxes. I’m eager to try.’ And just taking a leap of faith in doing that.”

Creating a network is an area in which Mariam has a particular strength, having navigated complexity in organisations and in bringing teams together. This part of the Head of Global Services role, was, said Mariam, ‘the bit that got me the most because I think that’s where I really shine’.

“I want to help highlight people’s strengths, to work with boundaries and inspire people to work together. And then the central support team will define going forward what needs to happen operationally for us to execute our strategy.

“I want everybody to feel free to speak up about absolutely everything, with openness and transparency.”

Mariam, who lives in Spain with her teenage son, is looking forward to meeting more of the EMCC Global family as she and the team progress in their joint roles.

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