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EMCC Global Supervision Quality Award for BECKETT MCINROY’s CoachME diploma programme

BECKETT MCINROY CONSULTANCY has been awarded an EMCC Global Supervision Quality Award for its SUPERVISION CoachME diploma

BECKETT MCINROY has been awarded an EMCC Global Supervision Quality Award (ESQA) for its CoachME diploma programme for coach supervisors.

As well as an endorsement of the standard of content and experience in the programme, the ESQA accreditation means that all supervisors completing the diploma plus demonstrating practical experience will be automatically eligible for their own individual supervisor accreditation (ESIA).

BECKETT MCINROY is based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, works cross-sector and is truly international, with team members residing in North America, Qatar, Canada, UK, Bahrain, France, Kenya, Germany, France, Iran, Egypt and Indonesia. CoachME writes supervision as SUPERvision in recognition that the practice of supervision to maintain, sustain, and evolve good practice is “over and above or META, of high grade or quality, a term of approval, and powerful”. EMCC Global individual accreditation for coaches and mentors has supervision at its core, in order to ensure accreditated practitioners are working to evidence-based best practice.

Founder Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy, who also holds an EMCC Global Master Practitioner individual accreditation (EIA), Individual Team Coaching Accreditation (ITCA) and EMCC Global Supervision Individual Accreditation (ESIA), said:

“EMCC Global Accreditation is really valued by our organisation because it indicates that the SUPERvisor’s work aligns with the principles, competencies and functions of SUPERvision set by EMCC. It shows that we care about our field, working across sectors internationally, as we value equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging as well as learning from cultures and contexts. It reassures our customers, colleagues and the system we are in that we maintain professional standards and adhere to the Code of Ethics

“We have rigorous quality assurance processes and with ex-teachers, MBA lecturers and award-winning coaches and mentors on our faculty, we challenge and support each other’s growth. work to ensure quality development of skills, knowledge and behaviours.

“We are presently conducting research in two areas – why mentors and coaches do not have SUPERvision and the use of technology in SUPERvision. The impact of SUPERvision is something that I am very interested in as well, as we as maturity and development of SUPERvisors. This blends with my role as Lead on Research and Outreach with the Association of Coaching SUPERvisors (AOCS).

The CoachME diploma programme is led by BECKETT MCINROY Director of Learning Sameera Baba, an EMCC Global accredited Senior Practitioner (EIA) and EMCC Global Supervision Individual Accreditation (ESIA) practitioner:

“Our programme is in two parts with part one providing a Professional Certificate and part two culminating in the Diploma in Systemic SUPERvision. To the best of our knowledge, we are the first provider to deliver the programme in Arabic, with German, Fasi and Bahi Indonesian starting later in 2023. We will also hold the programme retreat style in the UK in summer 2023 and in Canada in Spring 2024.

We are also providing two day experiences of Team Coaching SUPERvision as well as Group Coaching SUPERvision and ways to SUPERvise Leaders through Shadow Consulting. We are working to stay abreast of CoachTech to ensure our programmes are ahead of the curve in creative online reflective and communication tools including AI, and finally, we have our next part two starting in May 2023. We do accept accredited prior learning and experience, should practising SUPERvisors wish to join at part two to gain the Diploma.”

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