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EMCC Global Quality Award for Psychosynthesis Coaching Limited

EMCC Global Practitioner Quality Award (EQA) for Psychosynthesis Coaching Limited

Psychosynthesis Coaching Limited has been awarded an EMCC Global Quality Award for its Holistic Coaching Practitioner (HPL) education and learning programme.

As well as an endorsement of the standard of content and experience in the programme, the EQA accreditation means that all coaches completing the programme plus demonstrating practical experience will be automatically eligible for their own individual accreditation (EIA) at Practitioner level.

Psychosynthesis Coaching was founded by Aubyn Howard and Paul Elliott in 2014. Its coach training and development courses are aimed at coaches who want to work at greater depth and recognise the whole human being in how they work with clients. The approach is based on the psychospiritual psychology of Psychosynthesis, which integrates systemic, somatic, mindfulness and developmental perspectives.

Aubyn, himself an EMCC Global accredited Senior Practitioner, said:

“I’m really delighted we have been awarded the EMCC Global Quality Award (EQA) for our Holistic Coaching Practitioner programme at Practitioner Level.  Many thanks also to my pioneering co-facilitators and supervisors on this programme, Anne Welsh, Heather Mullin and Harriet Hanmer and our course coordinator, Peggy Bennett.

“This accreditation coincides with our first group of coaches graduating from the pilot programme and achieving EMCC Global Individual Accreditation (EIA). Many congratulations to each of you – Andrew PriorAngela MellishBarbara Zieniewicz, Barbara Diana, Caroline Dove, Joscelin Halsey, Maggie van der Heuvel, Matthew Thomas, Naomi Jane, and Natasha Ambrose.”

“Psychosynthesis as an holistic and integrative psychology placing the emphasis on self and will at the centre of human psychological functioning. ‘This provides the foundation for working with leaders to respond to today’s emergent crises.”

The Holistic Coaching Practitioner is a 150-hour EMCC Practitioner Programme with flexible online training and development pathway to becoming a psychosynthesis coach, learning to work at greater depth with the whole person and drawing upon the psychospiritual psychology of psychosynthesis within the context of a VUCA world.

Based on the success of the first pilot, the PCL team is running two more programmes and is due to start a fourth in September 2023.

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