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EMCC Global presses for parliamentary intergroup for coaching and supervision

At the start of 2024, EMCC Global – with ANSE (Association of National Organisations for Supervision and Coaching in Europe) and EASC (European Association for Supervision and Coaching) – organised a Parliamentary breakfast on coaching and supervision.

The working meeting resulted in a constructive dialogue between the three organisations, Members of European Parliament (MEPs), and other interested parties on how coaching and supervision establish a positive impact on people.

Personal anecdotes were shared and suggestions were made about how to focus more on this crucial aspect in the workforce.

“Coaching works,” EMCC Global President Dr Riza Kadilar told the meeting. “In current times of rapid societal and economic change mainly due to the ’twin transition’ fuelled by digital transformation and climate challenge, coaching enhances personal effectiveness of individuals and enables organisations to deal more efficiently with ongoing change.

“Moreover, coaching and mentoring goes hand in hand with upskilling and reskilling. EMCC Global’s approach to micro credentialing and our accreditation levels, which are fully aligned with the European Higher Education framework, can also be used as potential way forward to enhance the labour market flexibility that member states need today.”

MEP Tilly Metz, Vice Chair of the Subcommittee on Public Health and co-host of our event, stressed that coaching and supervision will have a positive impact on mental health. She argued that coaching will lead to:

  • Increased personal engagement and satisfaction
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Societal benefits such as enhanced labour productivity, and attracting new talent

The meeting seeded the desire to establish a Parliamentary intergroup on coaching and supervision after the European elections in June 2024. EMCC Global is convinced that this period is the perfect time to cement these topics on the radar of European policymakers.

We would like to thank MEP Tilly Metz in acting as an ambassador advocating for enhanced coaching in society, the leadership teams of our collaboration partners (EASC and ANSE) and the attendees contributing towards a constructive and elaborating exchange of views on how coaching and supervision leads towards a more engaged and satisfied society.



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