A unifying body

The EMCC is a unifying and inclusive body covering a wide spectrum of organisations from the voluntary and community, professional training and development, counselling at work, life coaching and academic psychology sectors.

A key focus of EMCC is to develop European standards, ethics and a professional code with a view to assure quality in the coaching and mentoring industry.

Members are encouraged to engage at all levels and may participate in Special Interest Groups for standards and ethics, to stimulate research and to influence authorities and other key influencers to recognise and support best practice within coaching and mentoring.


What are the benefits of membership?

  • Discounted participation in Mentoring, Coaching, Supervision and Research Conferences
  • Free subscription to the EMCC e-journal
  • Newsletters
  • Communities of Practice
  • Networking

In addition to its mission to support, develop and promote professional coaching in Luxembourg, ECA/EMCC Luxembourg’s vision is to be the preferred accrediting reference for the users of coaching in Luxembourg.

ECA/EMCC of Luxembourg  holds categories of memberships:

1. Individual Membership: practitioners, coaches, mentors, trainers, supervisors, consultants, managers or any other person having an interest in coaching, mentoring or supervision of coaches and mentors.

Annual membership: 180EUR

2. Organisational/Sponsoring Membership: representatives from HR, training departments or other whose role includes responsibility for development, coordination, preparation of coaching/mentoring/supervision interventions, who wish to contribute to the development of these activities in Luxembourg.

Annual membership: 1200EUR (5 representatives)


Please note that only fully paid-up members are recognised as members of the Association.

Should you wish to join us, please feel free to contact our Membership Manager: [email protected]

Find an EMCC Mentor/Coach, Supervisor, or Global Volunteer

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