2021 Events


2/2/21 Diversity and Inclusion: Good Coaching will be an Inclusive Coaching – Part 1 

with Jafar Akhavan-Moossavi

This is a two part series of workshops on 2/2/21 and 9/3/21 from 18.30-19.45

The aim of the series is to create a cognitive and emotional understanding of diversity and inclusion (D&I) issues and why these are central to excellence in coaching, mentoring and supervision.

Workshop 1 focusses on deeper understanding of D&I, its importance, what it means to each of us in our practices and how we can integrate EMPOWER into our hearts and practice.  In the period between the first and second workshops we will be invited and encouraged to identify and implement ways that would make our individual practices even more inclusive. Jafar will be available to provide additional email support to participants.


9/3/21 Diversity and Inclusion: Good Coaching will be an Inclusive Coaching – Part 2 

with Jafar Akhavan-Moossavi

This second workshop 2 will focus on our stories around making our individual practices more inclusive, lessons learnt and our next steps. and how we developed our thinking, practice be a conversation about how we brought our thinking and practice forward and what we can learn from each other.


24/3/21 Coaching & Organizational Development  – a toolbox for coaches

with Rita Knott

Based on the evolutionary organizational development principles of the Austrian/German/Swiss company TRIGON (, Rita will share with us in this interactive virtual workshop some methods and tools to support organizations in their change processes in a sustainable way.  In complex change processes, which many organizations are currently undergoing, individual and team coaching interventions may lack a holistic approach. The use of tailor made organizational development methods, from coaching at management level to mediation and conflict management, from working on corporate culture to sustainable shaping of the future, may constitute additional interventions to support the change process in a sustainable way.


26/4/21 Reflective Practice Models

with Dana Moldoveanu

As professional coaches members of EMCC we are committed to follow and sustain a practice that will allow the development of our competences as described in the EMCC competence framework. One way to do it is through (rigorous) discipline of self-reflective practice. Also, in order to advance in our accreditations we are committed to keep a self reflective log or journal that will allow us on one hand to learn and grow our competences and capabilities as coaches but also to bring evidence of this development in the accreditation process. The self-reflective practice is also interconnected with increasing the effectiveness of your supervision or intervision.

This workshop will present a few very practical reflective/learning models that will help you to (further) develop your self-reflective skills as a coach/mentor and also to keep track of it (in a log or journal). It will also give you the opportunity to practice and share the models with your fellow coaches.


24/5/21 EMCC Lab

with Mary Devine

Sharing and Learning: A great opportunity for our members to raise questions, explore issues, share ideas and best practices in a confidential & convivial setting, to enhance our coaching, mentoring and supervision practices.

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