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Diversity and Inclusion

The following diversity and inclusion declaration can also be downloaded as a pdf here 


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This document provides a high-level framework which seeks to empower Coaches, Mentors, and Supervisors to incorporate Diversity and Inclusion in their everyday practice.
The EMCC exists to develop, promote, and set the expectation of best practice in Mentoring and Coaching for the benefit of society. We draw our strength from the diversity of individuals and Affiliated Countries that contribute to make EMCC the ‘go to’ body in Mentoring and Coaching Supervision.
EMCC recognises that there are diverse traditions, cultural practices, statutory and legal frameworks between and within our Affiliated Countries. EMCC believes that our Diversity and Inclusion declaration empowers and guides us to achieve our professional Diversity and Inclusion ambitions.


Diversity and Inclusion informs our professional practice. As Coaches, Mentors, and Supervisors, we strive to embrace and respect the uniqueness of the individual, their talents and potential.


The EMCC Diversity and Inclusion Declaration draws inspiration from the EMCC values of: ‘a pioneering spirit, excellence in standards, substantial research, inclusiveness, cultural diversity, close to you, and social responsibility’. These values are reflected in the EMCC’s purpose statement.
The EMCC Diversity and Inclusion Declaration endorses the right of the individuals not to be discriminated against and to live autonomous, peaceful, and socially responsible lives. It is built upon integrity and respect for the common humanity of all people. Via this declaration, we commit to maintaining our sense of curiosity by being open to new learning, development, and reflection and to uphold the principles of fairness, justice, and equality for all.


Diversity is recognising the differences between us. Differences include ethnicity, gender, age, national origin, disability, sexual identity, education, experience, philosophy, political views, socio-economic background, religion, different thought processes & perspectives, and anything else that may be perceived to differentiate us from one another. Some of these differences are permanent and some may change and shift over time. It is about what makes us unique.

Inclusion is putting the concept and practice of diversity into action for individuals, teams and work groups, organisations, and institutions. We all have a role to play. It means that we value, respect, and support our clients and colleagues without prejudice and are appreciative of differences.

Commitment to EMPOWER

Our commitment to EMPOWER enables us all to benefit through a diversity and inclusion approach to Coaching, Mentoring, and Supervision by committing to the following:

Enhance: we constantly seek to enhance our Coaching; Mentoring, and Supervision practice by making our services more accessible and overcoming possible barriers, direct or indirect, conscious or unconscious.

Monitor: we acknowledge that achieving Diversity and Inclusion requires an on-going commitment from all concerned. We commit to monitor how we integrate EMCC Diversity and Inclusion frame work in all aspects of our practice.

Personal Development: we commit to identifying and addressing our learning and development needs in order to fully integrate Diversity and Inclusion in all areas of our practice.

Open: we are open to and seek continuous feedback, from our clients, supervisors, and other stakeholders on how we have integrated and continue to improve Diversity and Inclusion in all areas of our practice. We commit to act on this feedback.

Will: we will provide support and challenge, wherever necessary, to enable our clients, colleagues, service users, and providers to promote behaviours that demonstrate commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.

Engage: we endeavour to engage with other stakeholders, clients, communities of practice, colleagues, and our supervisors in upholding EMCC’s Diversity and Inclusion declaration and the Global Code of Ethics.

Reflection: as reflective practitioners we commit to reflect and act on how we continue to meet diverse needs of an inclusive society.

EMCC believes that our Diversity and Inclusion declaration should continue to reflect the latest good practice. To this extent it will always remain a work in progress. EMCC relies on all its members to positively engage with the Diversity and Inclusion Declaration and continue to provide EMCC with reflections and feedback. This will enable EMCC to ensure that our Diversity and Inclusion declaration remains relevant and applicable in an ever-changing world.

Prepared by:
Jafar Akhavan-Moossavi, Mick Lavin, Fiona Williams, Karel Glazer
EMCC Global Quality: Diversity & Inclusion WorkGroup

Marialexia Margariti
EMCC Global Vice-president Quality

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