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Volume XII Issue 1, May 2014

Editorial: May 2014 Edition

The Reviewed Section


What Value Does The Jungian Concept of Individuation Add to Executive Coaching?
Maria Crudge

Creating a Coaching Culture
Po Lindvall

The Professional Section

Cases of Practice

Developing and Evaluating a Coaching Culture from the Board to the Ward in an NHS organisation
Simon Barber

Reflections on a Coaching Relationship in a Public Sector Context from a Coachee and Coach Perspective
Bob Brown & Brigid Russell

Professional Skills

Coaching with Polarities. Introducing the Stretching Technique
Robert Stamboliev


What to Work on: Self-Confidence or Self-Esteem?
Nadine Hemmer

Book Reviews

Ethicability – How to Decide What’s Right and Find the Courage to Do It, 2013
by Roger Steare
Roman Chudoba

Making Sense of Coaching, 2014
by Angelique du Toit
Dr. Penny Johnson

Coaching and Mentoring for Business, 2014
by Grace McCarthy
Dr. Jane Lewis

Coaching for Innovation, 2014
by Cristina Bianchi and Maureen Steele
David Clutterbuck

Mindful Leadership Coaching: Journeys into the Interior, 2014
by Manfred Ket de Vries
Louise Buckle

First Steps in Coaching, 2014
by Debra Cureton
Bob Thomson

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