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Volume XI Issue 1, April 2013

Editorial: April 2013 Edition

The Reviewed Section


The Impact of prior Mentoring and Computer-mediated Communication
Experiences on Willingness to participate in E-Mentoring
Anthony M. Thomas & Ellen A. Ensher

Facilitating Social and Emotional Competence Development through a
Peer Coaching Training Program for Students
Craig R. Seal & Krystal Miguel

The Professional Section

Professional Skills

Coaching is Emotional!
Ram S Ramanathan

Cases of Practice

Global Mentoring Programme Insights: Mentoring High-potential Women
in a large Organisation to address Gender Balance
Katherine Ray

New Managers, new Challenges: Cross-cultural Coaching in an
international Organisation
Constance Vieco


Coaching in Organizations: The Importance of Meeting Expectations
Douglas R. Lindsay & Robert J. Jackson

Book Reviews

The hidden History of Coaching
by Leni Wildflower (2013)
Greg Latemore

Manager as Coach. The new Way to get Results
by Jenny Rogers, Karen Whittleworth & Andrew Gilbert (2012)
Sylvia Rohde-Liebenau

Becoming an effective Mentoring Leader
by William J. Rothwell & Peter Chee (2013)
David Clutterbuck

Theory and Practice of NLP Coaching: A psychological Approach
by Bruce Grimley (2013)
Michael L. Kreindler

An Introduction to Gestalt
by Charlotte Sills, Phil Lapworth & Billy Desmond (2012)
Norbert Riethof

Clarity: Clear Mind. Better Performance. Bigger Results
by Jamie Smart (2013)
Ilona Muráti-Laebe

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