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Volume X Issue 2, December 2012

Editorial: Winter 2012 Edition

Ines O’Donovan

The Review Section


Coaching: Facilitating the Co-construction of Management Knowledge
Angélique du Toit

Exploring the Double-value of Supervision: A developmental Perspective for internal Coaches
Michelle Lucas

Why do Doctors want a Mentor? A Study of Applications to a UK Mentoring Service 39
Rebecca Viney, Tom Sensky & Elisabeth Paice

The Professional Section

Professional Skills

Working with Dilemmas: An integral Five-step Approach
Helena Kwaaitaal

Cases of Practice

‘Slimming down…’ A Case Illustration on Coaching Hypnosis and Weight Loss
Claude-Hélène Mayer

Book Reviews

The Essentials of Business Coaching
Brian Nichol and Lou Raye Nichol (2011)
Robert Demare

Opening the Door to Coaching Conversations
by Linda M. Gross Cheliotes & Marceta Fleming Reilly (2012)
Deborah Abbott Moulin

Systemic Coaching & Constellations
by John Whittington (2012)
Nancy Papathanasiou

Challenging Coaching. Going beyond traditional Coaching to Face the Facts
by John Blakey & Ian Day (2012)
Greg Latemore

Neuropsychology for Coaches. Understanding the Basics
by Paul Brown & Virginia Brown (2012)
Louise Buckle

Supervision in Coaching. Supervision, Ethics and continuous Professional Development
by Jonathan Passmore (2011)
Penelope Johnson

Coaching and Mentoring. A Critical Text
by Simon Western (2012)
Gunnela Westlander

Developing Successful Diversity Mentoring Programmes: An International Casebook
by David Clutterbuck, Kirsten M Poulsen & Frances Kochan (2012)
Lis Merrick

Writing for the IJMC. Publication Guidelines

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