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Volume X Issue 1, April 2012

Editorial: Spring 2012 Edition

Ines O’Donovan

The Review Section


A Strategic Approach to Coaching in Organisations: A Case Study
Paul Stephen Turner

Helping Create Service ‘Experts’: The Opportunity for an Athletic Approach to
Coaching in Service Organisations
Michael J.B. Read,  Mark Colgate,  Vivien Corwin & Steve Tax

Cognitive, Behavioral, and Affective Learning Outcomes of a Coaching Program
Yaron Prywes

Mentoring for Leadership Development: A Case Study of Executive Mentoring
during the Banking Crisis
Bob Garvey

The Professional Section

Professional Skills

The ‘S’ Factor: Exploring the spiritual Dimension to our Work as Coaches
Katherine Long

The Siren Call of the Powerful Question
Brian Nichol & Lou Raye Nichol

Running a Successful Coaching and Mentoring Business, Legally Speaking
Mike Taylor

Cases of Practice

Collaboration in Practice with Co-Facilitated Group Coaching Supervision:
What could you learn from hearing our story?
Carol Whitaker & Michelle Lucas

Distance Mentoring: a Case Study from the Middle East
Carol Whitaker & Kerstin Potter

Mentoring in Australian Local Government
Ken Wallis

Book Reviews

Coaching & Mentoring at Work: Developing Effective Practice (2nd edition)
by Julia Connor & Mary Pokora (2012)
Jane Fowler

Best practice in Performance Coaching. A Handbook for Leaders, Coaches, HR
Professionals and Organizations (2011)
by Carol Wilson
Jane Lewis

Creating a Coaching Culture: Developing a Coaching Strategy for Your Organization
by Peter Hawkins (2012)
Michael L. Kreindler

Coaching & Mentoring Supervision: Theory and Practice
by Tatiana Bachkirova, Peter Jackson & David Clutterbuck (2011)
Penny Johnson

The Mentor’s Guide: Facilitating effective Learning Relationships (2nd edition)
by Lois S. Zachary (2012)
Nancy Papathanasiou

The complete Guide to Mentoring. How to Design, Implement and Evaluate
effective Mentoring Programmes
Hilarie Owen (2011)
Stacy McCracken

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