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Volume VIII Issue 1, June 2010


Editor Comments

Welcome to the first issue of 2010 which offers a range of articles in both the Reviewed and Professional Sections.

To reflect the growth of Mentoring and Coaching, a number of changes to the Journal are planned for 2011. These will include a third Edition with one of the Editions dedicated to a specific topic or issue seen as relevant at the time, for example Supervision. Updates will appear in the newsletters and invitations for contributions to the general as well as the subject specific Editions will be published in due course.

We are also delighted to say that the Journal is now available to students through institutions offering programmes of study in mentoring and coaching. Please contact the Editor direct for further information.

The journal has two main sections: Reviewed Section and Professional Section. The Reviewed Section has three categories:

  • A Personal View
  • Research Based
  • Debate or discussion

And the Professional Section also has three:

  • Professional skills
  • Cases of practice
  • Issue Focus

The Reviewed Section rigorously follows conventions of all academic journals in the form of double blind peer review Harvard style referencing. The Professional Section is subject to rigorous editorial review. Both sections provide good quality writing and interesting comment.

We also welcome book reviews.

Reviewed Section

The first of our papers in the reviewed section is by Dr Miriam Grace and Dr Elizabeth Holloway offering a relational perspective on mentoring within one large corporation. The second is by Dr Gunnela Westlander investigating the question whether it is possible to illuminate mentoring and coaching from an individual long-term perspective and the possible knowledge such an approach might contribute. The third is by Katharine St John-Brooks whose research investigates the ethics in the emerging area of the internal coach. The fourth and final paper is by Dr Debra Cureton exploring the success factors of mentoring in Higher Education from an auto-ethnographic perspective.

Professional Section

Continuing the theme of mentoring and coaching within Higher Education, the first contribution in this section is by Professor Ronald Berk who explores the question of chemistry in the mentor-mentee relationship drawing on the concepts of speed mentoring. The second paper by Marie Jose de Vreede offers a fascinating study which draws on the use of figures in coaching. Ed Baas, in the third paper, basis his article on a study of adapted behavior and the effectiveness of coaching. In the fourth paper Ros McIntyre explores the Coaching Sponsor as the secret ingredient in successful executive coaching. Rev. Dr. Borst reminds us in the fifth paper that coaching is of relevance in environments other than that of business by sharing his reflection of coaching within the Church. In the sixth paper Sari van Poelje shares her reflections of coaching and the Process Communications Model. Kate Pinder addresses the important issue of supervision in the seventh paper and in conclusion and continuing the theme of supervision, Marie-Brigitte Bissen, President EMCC Luxembourg shares the findings of a programme of supervision in Luxembourg.

Book Reviews

The first review is by Peter Szabó and Daniel Meier entitled Coaching Plain and Simple: Solution-focused brief coaching essentials and reviewed by Professor David Megginson. The second book by Elaine Cox, Tatiana Bachkirova and David Clutterbuck, (Eds) entitled The Complete Handbook of Coaching is reviewed by Professor Sim and the final book is by Gladeana McMahon and Anne Archer (Eds) entitled 101 Coaching Strategies and Techniques and reviewed by Dr Stefanie Reissner.

I am sure the variety of contributions will meet the diverse interests of our readers and we thank the contributors for providing stimulating research and different approaches to enhance our practice.

Angélique du Toit

Managing Editor

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