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Volume VI Issue 2, June 2008

European Mentoring & Coaching Council – June 2008 ISSN 1815-804X

Editor Comments

It is with tremendous pleasure and a great honour that I accept the baton as Editor from Bob Garvey who has over the years established the international reputation of the Journal of Mentoring and Coaching since its first publication some years ago.

It has made a significant contribution to the debates in coaching and mentoring worldwide. Bob leaves big footsteps for me to follow and I shall endeavour to continue with the tradition of excellence he has established over the years.This edition follows closely on the heels of the last, which will enable us to establish regular, bi-annual publication dates on the 1st of June and the 1st of December every year. Authors who would like to make a contribution to the journal are requested to submitted their papers for review by the 30th of October for the December edition and 30th of April for a June publication.

Reviewed Section

It is only fitting that the first paper in our reviewed section is by Bob Garvey exploring the readiness in becoming a mentor. The second is an excellent paper from Lisa Erich and Brian Hansford providing important insights into informal mentoring in an Australian University. The third is a provocative paper by Lis Merrick and Paul Stokes exploring the value of mentoring women through the ‘glass ceiling’.

Professional Skills Section

The first article is the second of two papers by Mike Munro Turner and Stephen Wilson identifying the coaching support required for the different stages of leadership development. The first of the two papers was published in the last edition of the journal. The second article in this section by Vivien Whitaker explores the powerful contribution creative methods can make in partnership with coaching. The theme of creative partnerships continue in our final article by Mike Cockburn who explores the value of drama based learning in supporting managers to understand the value of coaching.Book ReviewsAs this edition follows so closely on the last one, there are no book reviews in this section.

I look forward to receiving your contributions for both the Reviewed and Professional Skills Sections for future editions.

Angélique du Toit

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