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Volume VI Issue 1, February 2008

The International Journal of Mentoring and CoachingVolume VI Issue 1February 2008


Reviewed section

We have a bumper crop of articles in this edition. Thank you for your contributions and sorryabout the delay in publishing! In the Reviewed section we have a piece from Stephen Gibband Scott Telfer which offers insight the notion of Mentoring Scheme Performance throughresearch into six mentoring schemes.

The second is by Angélique Du Toit and is based in aneducational setting and looks at supporting international students in Higher Education throughcoaching.

The third is an interesting educationally based piece from Michael BrandonDoubeck form the US.

The fourth is an impressive study of E-mentoring within the UK HealthService.

Article five is a collective autoethnographic case study that focuses on describingpeer mentoring in the lived experience of three older female graduate students from the US.

The final article is from Australia and looks at group mentoring within Higher Education.

Professional Skills Section

We have four articles this time in the Professional Skills section. The first by DianeNewell and Mike Munro Turner from leadership coaching organisation Jericho Partners haspost-modern-leadership as its context which demands that leaders bring themselves to workwith skill to foster organisational renewal. In this the first of two articles, they present us with aquadrant model for coaching renewal describing the renewal process which can be used as aframework for understanding renewal in individuals and organisations, and for working withleaders in a coaching relationship. They also relate some of their experience in fosteringrenewal in their coaching clients.Our second article in the Professional Skills section comes from Career and Life TransitionCoach Andy Rankin who offers his personal reflections on the benefits of coaches developingskills in the use of silence in coaching. Both these articles are likely to be of interest to othercoaches in reflecting on their own frameworks and practice.The third is an interesting case study of practice from the US offering us a detailed descriptionof the practical challenges and issues encountered in the design and implementation of 360-degree peer mentoring within an on-line community of practice. Written by two doctoratestudents, Carianne Hayslett and Rebecca Lorentz, the article reinforces some of the issuesraised in one of the reviewed papers in the last edition.

Finally for this edition’s in focus piece we asked Kate Lidbetter from coaching company SkaiAssociates to share her thinking on the topical and controversial subject of the differences incoaching men versus coaching women. Kate shares the results of some research conducted in-© European Mentoring & Coaching Council – February 2008 ISSN 1815-803X page 1 of 129house by her company followed by her views on what the differences mean for coachingpractice. Do let us know if you agree with her views – or not!We also have some book reviews and thanks goes to David Gray for his contributions inediting these.

Book Reviews

• Me, Myself, My Team : How to become an effective team player using NLP (revisededition) by Angus McLeod PhD (2006) Crown Publishers, Wales, UK. Reviewed by:Paul Tosey• Solutions Focus Working – 80 real life lessons for successful organisational change:80 Real-life Lessons for Successful Organisational Change (Solutions Focus atWork) by Mark McKergow and Jenny Clarke (2007) Solutions Books, Cheltenham,UK. Reviewed by: Gary Bean• Coaching to the Human Sou l Volume 2 by Alan Sieler (2007) McGraw Hill, Newfield,Australia. Reviewed by: David Clutterbuck• Coaching and mentoring at work , Mary Connor & Julia Pokora (2007) OpenUniversity Press/McGraw-Hill Education, Maidenhead. Reviewed by: DavidMegginsonFinally, finally, we have an additional piece from EMCC Denmark. Here, Christian Wittrockshares his experiences of establishing EMCC Denmark.

Bob Garvey and Alison Carter

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