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Volume V Issue 1, March 2007


Welcome to this spring edition of the International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching. There are many developments in the coaching and mentoring world ranging from debates about the similarities and differences between coaching and mentoring, skills, techniques and process models, the influence of psychology on practice, the links to various learning and development theories, scheme design and developing a one to one developmental dialogue culture in organisations. If you have ideas or experience on any of these or other issues in coaching and mentoring, do write us something for publication.

The journal has two main sections: Reviewed Section and Professional Section. The Reviewed Section has three categories:

  • A Personal View
  • Research Based
  • Debate or discussion

And the Professional Section also has three:

  • Professional skills
  • Cases of practice
  • Issue Focus

Reviewed Section

The Reviewed Section rigorously follows conventions of all academic journals in the form of double blind peer review Harvard style referencing. The Professional Section is subject to rigorous editorial review. Both sections provide good quality writing and interesting comment.

We also welcome book reviews.

We have a good collection of papers in this edition. In the Reviewed Section we have two interesting papers.

The first, A Case Study of Online Support for Beginning Teachers: Mentoring model and micro processes by T.W. Maxwell and H.J. Smith from University of New England, NSW, Australia offers insight into an innovative online mentoring for beginning teachers which was trialled in the University of New England (UNE), Australia, Educational Alumni Support Project in 2005.

The second, Creating a Learning Organisation within Local Government through a Coaching Approach by Angélique Du Toit is the second paper in a series. The first paper was published in this journal Volume iv Issue 11 September 2006. The paper looks at the progress made within a local authority coaching scheme which was aimed at bringing about change.

Professional Section

In the Professional Section, we have three equally interesting and contrasting contributions.

The first, A case study in evaluating behavioural change from a coaching programme by Dr Alison Carter and Tracey Connage is an evaluation of coaching within the former Employers Organisation for Local Government. The article aims to:

  • describe the case study, the evaluation process used and the findings
  • offer our top tips to other would-be programme evaluators. This paper relates well to the reviewed paper by Angélique du Toit

Regular readers may recall that we published a special edition of IJMC (Volume II Issue 2 December 2004) and you may wish to look at that in conjunction with this paper.

The second, I Want A Mentor But I’m Afraid To Ask by Dr Linda Searby focuses on the mentoring needs of women university administrators and their reluctance to ask for a mentor.

The article begins with a personal story of being fearful of asking for a mentor. It then expands the topic by sharing the results of a study of aspiring and practicing women administrators who also shared their thoughts about entering into a mentoring relationship. It concludes with practical tips on how to overcome the fears of asking for a mentor.

The third, Cascading Coaching: Building a Culture of Peer Development by David Hosmer presents a view on developing a coaching culture.

There are two short book reviews. One from David Megginson on a self published book by Keri Phillips and the other by David Clutterbuck is a review of A Guide to Coaching and Mental Health: The recognition and Management of Psychological Issues by Andrew Buckley and Carol Buckley.

Please keep the articles coming in and send them to Bob Garvey at r.garvey(at)shu.ac.uk in the first instance.  Please send book reviews to David Gray at d.e.gray(at)surrey.ac.uk.

Bob Garvey and Alison Carter


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