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Volume IX Issue 1, May 2011

Editor Comments

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the first edition of 2011. As I advised in the second edition of 2010, we will be publishing three editions starting this year with the summer edition featuring the best papers from our research conference. The first research conference will be held in July of this year.

Thank you to our authors for submitting their contributions which I now introduced as follows:

Reviewed Section

The first paper in our reviewed section entitled, The Dance of Diversity by Razia Aziz which introduces the dynamics of diversity in the coaching relationship as that of a dance. The second paper is by Dr Cureton, et al. and aims to address the association between stress and involvement in a mentoring relationship within a higher educational context. In the third one Vikki Brock offers an extensive discussion of the roots of coaching. Marianne Skettrup asks in the fourth paper whether coaching works and if so, Which Type of Coaching Is Effective? The fifth paper by Dr Sraban Mukherjee discusses how to harness client values in the coaching process. Executive Coaching as a Leadership Development Accelerator by Jose Manuel is the title of the sixth paper. In our final paper Ruth Simpson explores the personal attributes associated with adaptability.

Professional Section

Our first contribution in this section is by Professor David Megginson and Tim Bright describing a scheme for developing and matching mentors and mentees in a multi-national company, introducing the principles they applied and what they had learned. Secondly Geneviève Sainlez and Nadine Hemmer share their experiences of the success factors in coaching small groups within the banking sector. Finally, Kate Pinder reflects on her journey ofunderstanding group supervision.

Book Reviews

We feature two book reviews with the first by Du Toit, A. & Sim, S (2010) Rethinking Coaching: Critical Theory and Economic Crisis, reviewed by Dr Debra Cureton and the second by Leimon, A, Moscovici, F. and Goodier, H. (2011) Coaching Women to Lead and reviewed by Dr Angélique du Toit

The journal has two main sections: Reviewed Section and Professional Section. The Reviewed Section has three categories:

  • A Personal View
  • Research Based
  • Debate or discussion

And the Professional Section also has three:

  • Professional skills
  • Cases of practice
  • Issue Focus

The Reviewed Section rigorously follows conventions of all academic journals in the form of double blind peer review Harvard style referencing. The Professional Section is subject to rigorous editorial review. Both sections provide good quality writing and interesting comment. We also welcome book reviews. For detailed information on the submission of articles, please contact the Editor for the Author Guidelines.

For anyone interested in making a contribution to the Journal, please note the following deadlines for the submission of articles:


Publication date: Early May
Submission of articles: All articles to be submitted by the end of February to allow time for the review process.

Special Summer Research Conference Edition

The best papers will be selected from the Conference and will be published in a special edition shortly after the conference.


Publication date : Early November
Submission of articles: All articles to be submitted by the end of August to allow time for the review process.

– Managing Editor
Dr Angélique du Toit

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