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Members of EMCC Ireland have a long history of providing pro-bono coaching to those in need. In late 2015 EMCC decided to help members by offering a more structured approach to pro-bono coaching and sought a partnering organisation to work with. Ashoka Ireland proved to be an ideal partner for EMCC and a partnering arrangement was put in place. Ashoka already had a sophisticated partnering model in place and was working with social entrepreneurs who were tackling social problems in a wide number of areas.  The fact that Ashoka has strong governance also provided assurance to EMCC that this would be a successful partnership and would also promote the EMCC brand.

Initially run as a pilot arrangement, the partnership is now well-established and going from strength to strength. A key factor in the success of this partnership is the fact that the coaches are working with the organisation members rather than directly with the people the organisations serve. This has proven to be an impactful model for a number of reasons.

Primarily, it leverages the coaching impact by helping the organisations to be more effective and thus have a greater impact on the people they serve. It also capitalises on the coaches skills-set as the majority of EMCC Ireland coaches work as executive coaches, possessing skills in executive and business coaching. This provides a good fit between what the coach can offer and what makes the greatest impact on the organisation’s effectiveness. In other words, more lives are positively affected by the coaching effort.

EMCC Ireland currently has a panel of 15 volunteer coaches who are working with Ashoka organisations. Matching of clients and coaches is coordinated centrally between Ashoka and EMCC.  The coaches are provided with free group supervision and receive confidential feedback from their clients. The contribution of EMCC to Ashoka Ireland was recognised in the Ashoka 2016 Annual report, which contained a two-page article about the partnership. EMCC has not only increased its contribution to society but has also increased its profile.

If you are an EMCC member and would like to volunteer for the coaching panel, please email Billy Byrne at: IE.BillyByrne(at)emccouncil(dot)org

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Ashoka Annual report

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