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Brad Allen

Coach, in Ireland

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About myself

Working as: Coach

Organisation: TPAssist Limited

Short biography

I am an accredited coach who delivers quantifiable results. I have over 20 years of industry experience. I am also an author, a skilled facilitator, and a hands-on father.

Since 2014, I have been working with people across the globe from some of the biggest and well-known multinational companies. I help them confront challenges in the most complex circumstances, environments, and cultures. I support but challenge good people as they fight a raft of topics. These include: the victim mindsets, bullying, manipulation, humiliation, conflict, the blame game, fear, sabotage, stubbornness, incompetency, protectionism, micro management, narcissism, disillusionment, ineffectiveness, indecision, inflexibility, restrictive practices, discrimination, aimlessness, career stagnation, career setbacks, demotivation, demotion, disappointment, personal priority conflict, overwhelm, and complacency.

As well as measurable success in coaching I have a rich experience of Corporate life, specifically in driving and managing technology adoption within corporate environments, selling, designing and delivering IT solutions, and facilitating agile-based web software development.

Sectors: Technology, Finance, Hospitality, Life Sciences, Education, Local & National Government, Energy, Insurance, Standardisation, Construction, Oil & Gas and Mining.

Client Profile: Corporate professionals of varying ages and levels, from graduates to senior leadership.

My strengths include creativity, honesty, having perspective and being persistent.

I am an accredited practitioner with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). I have a Master’s in business administration (MBA), Advanced diploma in Personal and Executive Coaching, and Bachelor of Science (multidisciplinary science).

Located in: Ireland

Working Languages: English

Fields of Expertise: Life, General, Executive


I have worked: 1500 hours with 318 clients since 2014

EQA Qualification: Practitioner since 09/10/2014 trained by Kingstown College

Regularly supervised by: Stephen Murphy

Frequency of supervision: Quarterly

Awards & Qualifications

BSc, Multidisciplinary Science

awarded by Curtin University of Technology in Australia on 24 February 1993

Masters, Business Administration

awarded by University College Dublin in Ireland on 31 March 2004

Individual Team Coaching Accreditation - Foundation

awarded by EMCC Global in Ireland on 1 August 2023

Contact Information

Website: www.bradallen.coach

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bradallen/

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