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Sladjana Miloševic

Mentor and Coach, in Serbia

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About myself

Working as: Mentor and Coach

Organisation: Mobilis Ltd

Short biography

Business and Executive Coach/Mentor/Mentoring Programs

Worked as coach/mentor with coachees from all across the world: USA, Europe (Serbia, Hungary, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, UK, France, Russia, ...) , Asia (Israel, India).

Accredited Coach/Mentor at Master Practitioner Level (EIA)
Accredited supervisor (ESIA)

Trainer in coaching skills and junior trainer of EIA&EQA assessors in: Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovania, Greece, Netherlands

Trained EMCC EIA&EQA assessor

EIA&EQA accreditation manager for Europe from July 2010 until Dec 2011

Accredited from 2010.

Business Partner: Intenational Cross-Mentoring Program

Female Board Pool - trained female board member (http://www.femaleboardpool.eu/, http://www.female-board-pool.com/)

Located in: Serbia

Working Languages: Serbian, Macedonian, English, Croatian, Bosnian

Fields of Expertise: Team/group, General, Executive, Career, Business


I have worked: Over 1000 hours with 90 clients since 2006

EIA Accreditation: Master Practitioner since 21/10/2019

Regularly supervised by: Anita van Vlerken

Frequency of supervision: Regular

Awards & Qualifications

Introduction to Logotherapy/Course I on the path t

awarded by Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy, Texas in United States on 5 February 2014

Attitudinal Change

awarded by Course II/Path to Diplomate Educator/Administrator in United States on 20 October 2014

Meaning-Centered Interventions, Course III, Path t

awarded by Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy in United States on 15 July 2015

Theory and Therapy of Mental Disorders

awarded by Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy in United States on 1 July 2016

Diplomate in Logotherapy

awarded by Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy in United States on 24 June 2017

Trained Coach/Mentor Supervisor

awarded by BlueSky International (UK) in United Kingdom on 7 August 2019

Master Accredited Coach/Mentor EIA

awarded by EMCC in United Kingdom on 21 September 2019


awarded by EMCC in United Kingdom on 22 July 2020


awarded by Premier Tefl in Ireland on 18 May 2023


CV smilosevic2024

Contact Information

Website: http://www.mobilis.co.rs/

Skype: sladjam9

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sladja.milosevic

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sladja-milosevic-a8b739/

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