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Psychologist. Psychotherapist. Executive Coach. EMCC Senior Practitioner. Maiten Panella

Coach, in Spain

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About myself

Working as: Coach

Organisation: Maiten Panella - Business Psychology

Short biography

Psychologist. Psychotherapist. Executive Coach. EMCC Spain Board Member and Head of Accreditations.

Current work (besides the private practice):
*Director of Leadership Development at AltaCapacidad (Spain).
*Head of Executive Coaching and Development at Diverse Mental Health (UK).
*BetterUp Premier Platinum Coach (USA & International).
* Leadership Coach at theMakings (UK &International).

*Fellow member of IoC (Institute of Coaching - Mc Lean, Affiliate of Harvard Medical School). *Member of APA (American Psychological Association).
Member of EMCC - CPD Centre for Excellence. Independent consultant with 30 years of international professional experience.

More about me:
I help leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs gain clarity on future steps, develop strategic thinking and work on their horizontal and vertical development.
I create a tailored, transformative path to address :

▶ Vertical Leadership Development;
▶ Anxiety and stress management;
▶ Empathetic communication;
▶ Achievement, drive and motivation;
▶ Adaptability and change;
▶ Conflict management
▶ Purpose.

I'm also an entrepreneur, founder and CEO of HUMA3, a Society for Arts and Culture founded in Venice, Italy, in 2005.

Located in: Spain

Working Languages: Spanish, Italian, English

Fields of Expertise: Life, Gestalt, General, Executive, Cognitive, Business, Behavioural


EIA Accreditation: Senior Practitioner since 25/05/2022

EQA Qualification: Senior Practitioner since May 25, 2022

Awards & Qualifications

EMCC Senior Practitioner

awarded by EMCC Global in Spain on 22 May 2022

Contact Information

Mobile: +34638558836

Website: https://maitenpanella.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maitenpanella

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