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Oana Niculae

Mentor and Coach, in Romania

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About myself

Working as: Mentor and Coach


Short biography

Leadership, Executive, Business and Team Coaching have already proved to be excellent tools that support leaders, executives, managers and their teams maintain their upward trend towards performance, accelerate change around opportunities and pivot successfully on key moments.

As a certified professional leadership and executive certified coach, PCC level in International Coaching Federation, I provide support on issues such as:
*improve executive awareness
*overcome management challenges
*upgrade leadership presence
*upgrade active listening
*embody direct, trustful and clean communication
*how to enfuse leader’s vision into the team & elevate engagement
*supervising working alliances and parallel processes in relationships and mindset
*inner conflicts that disrupt and alter the executive presence
*growing specific skills, competences and professional standards
*decision making processes
*healthy relationships
*work on career change & new paths

As a certified business and team coach, I sustain development through specific solutions. Each solution, or personalized special learning request, is a development processes and addresses the entire body of resources involved in the challenge. The specifics of the discussions and evaluations are confidential both during the contract and after the termination of the collaboration. Each solution offers the maturity journey of the business and it is designed to gradually facilitate resolution, sustainability and performance in specific departments and in the various moments of activity, as described below:
* Business Essentials - vision, mission, Identity, niche, value offers, roles, objectives
* Productive communication - creating a collaborative environment
* Essential Leadership skills for managers and team leaders - presence, influence, impact, results
* Strategic planning - internal development and congruent dynamics of resources to achieve objectives
* Efficient execution - a core competence of a company
* Resolving unproductive but costly conflicts
* Excellence of services - quality customer CARE

As a Points of You® of Romania Country Leader, CEO and certified Expert Facilitator, I have created a community of daring and openhearted professionals (+400 certified ones & +3000 attendees) for whom I provide consistent value through CCE ICF accredited experiential learning, training and mentoring via Points of You® Academy. Points of You® system - method, tools, creative dynamic and approach - suits perfect for the needs of coaches, trainers, psychologists, educators, HR and L&D specialists.

How can I support you now?

Located in: Romania

Working Languages: Romanian, English

Fields of Expertise: Supervision, Team/group, Executive, Cognitive, Career, Business, Behavioural


I have worked: 1000+ hours with 1000+ clients since 2014

Contact Information

Mobile: 0724044570

Website: oananiculae.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oananiculae.coach

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/oana-niculae-59405634/

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