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Viviana Siclari

Coach, in Luxembourg

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About myself

Working as: Coach

Organisation: Siclavy S.à r.l. - S.

Short biography

I am an EMCC Accredited Coach at Senior Practitioner level, a certified professional coach by ICN Business School and e-coach by eCoachPro. I am also certified DISC and Driving Forces, trained in the Enneagram and a certified Effency expert and partner on team coaching.

Originally, from Italy, I have spent thirty years living and working in multicultural environments as a team member and as a manager. I have worked with the EU Institutions, with nationalities from around the globe and with people from very different backgrounds: experts, politicians, CEOs, EU officials ... A unique opportunity to learn how to navigate in unfamiliar waters, experience diversity on a daily basis and see first-hand how multiculturalism gives collective intelligence a boost.

I have also realized that expertise must go hand in hand with interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and a good understanding of group dynamics. This is even more true in contexts where diversity is the dominant feature: different codes, professional backgrounds, nationalities, languages become potential barriers to mutual understanding, effectiveness and the ability to thrive.

I help my clients develop effective leadership beyond cultural differences in complex and changing environments.

I work in four languages - English, French, German and Italian - using my experience in EU policy and consultancy, communications and coaching in combination with expertise in banking, energy and environment.

My background in philosophy and European politics has fueled my interest for the keys to motivation, constructive interactions and leadership development.

Located in: Luxembourg

Working Languages: Italian, German, French, English

Fields of Expertise: Team/group, Executive, Career


I have worked: About 440 hours of coaching and 130 hours of mentoring hours with around 60 coachees and 30 mentees clients since 2011 mentor and 2018 coach

EIA Accreditation: Senior Practitioner since 01/09/2021

EQA Qualification: Senior Practitioner since 1 September 2021 trained by EIA20218179 - EMCC Global

Regularly supervised by: Jean-Gabriel Kern

Frequency of supervision: every 2-3 months

Contact Information

Mobile: +352671012577

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/viviana-siclari-860a2147/

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