EMCC presents four awards annually

Coaching – Mentoring – Supervision Solidarity (in memory of Monika Verhulst)

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2021 award winners

Coaching Award: Patricia Sennequier, Dr Hernan Cerna, Akram Sabbagh

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Hear from our EMCC Global Coaching award winners hier

Mentoring Award: Irish Institute of Pharmacy

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Hear from our EMCC Global Mentoring award winners here

Supervision Award: Michelle Lucas, Robin Shohet

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Hear from our EMCC Global Supervision award winners hier

Team Coaching Award: Global Team Coaching Institute – Professor Peter Hawkins and Professor David Clutterbuck

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Hear from our EMCC Global Team coaching award winners hier

2020 award winners

Coaching Award: Coaching Outdoors, Grant Thornton International, Ekktaa Daithankar, Susana Fernandez Casla, Joanne Wheatley

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Mentoring Award: Red Business Market, Société Générale Global Solution Centre, Elena Rodriguez-Vieitez, Gillian Slater

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Supervision Award: Tom Battye, Professor Peter Hawkins PhD, Felicia Lauw, Lily Seto

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2019 award winners

Coaching Award: Coacharya, Henley Centre for Coaching, Societe Generale, Tofaş, Nigel Cumberland, Christina Demetriades, Dr Paras

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Mentoring Award: The Island, Turkish Education Foundation, Dr Judie Gannon, Rajesh Misca

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Supervision Award: Dr Damian Goldvarg, Dr Lise Lewis, Dr Michel Moral

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2018 award winners

Coaching Award: Know You More & LC Waikiki (joint winners)

Mentoring Award: The Way Youth Zone

Supervision Award: Tatiana Bachkirova, Eve Turner, & Angela Wright (joint winners)

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2017 award winners

Coaching Award: Paula King

Mentoring Award: Médecins Sans Frontières, Mentoring and Coaching Hub, Oslo, Norway

Supervision Award: Florence Lamy

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2016 award winners

Coaching Award: University of Dundee/Copenhagen for their programme Smile Healthy to Your Diabetes

Mentoring Award: EGESYS R&D and Innovation Support Centre from Turkey

The Solidarity Coaching Award Guilaine Roullier Arduin from EMCC France for her support and leadership of the International Solidarity Coaching programmes.

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2015 award winners

Coaching Award: Eve Turner (UK)

Mentoring Award: Maria Luisa de Miguel Corrales (Spain)

The Solidarity Coaching Award went to Greece.

In addition the President’s Special Award for a lifetime of contribution to coachind and mentoring went to Professor David Megginson (UK).

2014 award winners

Coaching Award: Coacharya (India)

Mentoring Award: Professor Bob Garvey (UK)

The Solidarity Coaching Award went to Sweden

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