Research Activities

A platform organisation for stakeholders in coaching and mentoring research

Through a specific set of value propositions EMCC International Research offers complementary capabilities to stakeholders involved and interested in coaching research with the main aim of supporting the development of effective evidence based coaching practices.

Research in itself, if done properly, is a resources-demanding activity. Producing high quality, applicable pieces requires the involvement and coordination of several capabilities: theoretical knowledge, needs assessment, concept development, data collection, analysis, interpretation and dissemination. To handle all of these challenges, the vision of Research is to elevate EMCC International into a ‘platform position’ where all involved stakeholders (e.g. coaches, academics, potential sponsors, practitioners etc.) could get their relevant share from the outcomes, results and applications of the research process, in exchange for their contribution to it. EMCC International Research, through its diverse networks, links the different stakeholders and participants of the coaching field and the research arena to enable the realisation of research projects that are in line with the EMCC International Research Agenda.

What are the advantages of doing research through EMCCInternational ? Take a look at the ‘Research Cooperation Matrix’ that details some of the advantages and possibilities.

Looking for resources? Interested in co-operating with EMCC? Contact Zoltán Csigás, EMCC International Vice-president of Research at emcc(dot)vp(dot)research[at]emccouncil(dot)org

Providing research support and assistance.  EMCC International Research has access to world-class knowledge regarding research design, implementation, and evaluation through its networks. EMCC International Research offers support for interested researchers in developing their professional concepts and methodologies, if their research topics are aligned with the EMCC International Research Agenda.

EMCC Research projects.  EMCC International Research runs a limited number of research projects on its own. These projects are executed via volunteer workgroups – into which any and all EMCC members are invited to join and contribute. Currently open volunteer positions are available here. Currently EMCC International Research WorkGroups are working on topics related to the coaching process, and mentoring practices.

Knowledge dissemination

EMCC International Research offers access to knowledge and evidence based practices through a number of publications and events. Certain formats are available only for EMCC members, or EMCC members may receive discounts in accessing these.

Bookstore.  EMCC International offers an opportunity to publish books, and currently offers a number of publications through its own bookstore. EMCC International also works on launching its own book series.

Journal: EMCC International publishes its own scientific journal, the International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching (IJMC). For more information on IJMC, visit the journal home page.

EMCC International Research Webinar Series.  The webinars feature international experts from their respective fields, introducing evidence based practices and insipred thinking to bring your practice to the next level. See and book the current webinars here.

EMCC International Annual Conferences, International Research Conference.  EMCC International organises an Annual Conference, and anInternational Research conference every year. These conferences offer a series of interesting and high quality lectures and workshops. For further details, visit the conference webpages

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