About Research

EMCC Research Vision

The overall vision of EMCC International is to be the “Go to body of coaching and mentoring”. EMCC International Research contributes to this by ‘taking the lead in bridging the gap between practice and research’. EMCC Research is to stimulate the creation, development, sharing, and practical application of knowledge in the fields of coaching and mentoring. Through these, EMCC International Research contributes to the development of the evidence base of coaching and mentoring, and supports their professionalisation.

What is research?

The role of the researcher is to create new knowledge. This includes investigating what already exists on the research subject, comparing the researcher’s results with this existing knowledge, and disseminating the results. Research usually involves the formation of hypotheses, systematically collecting and analysing data regarding the research questions and hypotheses, and drawing conclusions based on this information. EMCC and the research community accepts a wide range of types of researches, including but not limited to experiments, meta-analysis, and case studies

About the importance of Research

At its core meaning research aims to answer questions, in a valid and reliable way. The methodologies applied by researchers ensure that answers provided by them can be repeated with a high probability, meaning that these answers can be trusted in the long term. Coaching and mentoring are rapidly developing activities, professions. New ideas, new practices emerge every month, all of them claiming to bring higher effectiveness in interventions, better understanding of clients, and even more advantages if someone chooses to apply them. Such a quickly changing environment continuously invites new questions. For example: are coaching interventions effective? What interventions should work well in a given scenario?

Answers given by research guide the practitioners. They give you an evidence based choice when facing a professional decision. By building your practice on evidence based practices, knowledge backed up by research, you can ensure that your practice will feature proven, effective elements.

Practitioners and Research

Usually research is viewed as something distant by practitioners. EMCC International believes that this view is mistaken. On the one hand we, as practitioners, all enjoy the benefits of research. It is a part of our professional life. There are a number of ways a practitioner can incorporate the approach of research into their professional practice. They are invited to read, learn and integrate the results of researches. By practicing regular self-reflection, collecting information regarding their own cases and then sharing and discussing the conclusions with their peers, practitioners can apply research principles by themselves.

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