About the European Quality Award (EQA)

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O EQA – European Quality Award

  1. Information Booklet – uvod u EQA, uključujući informacije o cenama i kako aplicirati (na engleskom jeziku)
  2. EMCC Competence Framework (EMCC okvir kompetenci, nastao kao rezultat višegodišnjih istraživanja, na engleskom jeziku)
  3. EMCC Competence Standards (na engleskom jeziku)
  4. EQA Holders – podaci o organizacijama koje imaju EQA (na engleskom jeziku)

EQA EIA Kalendar

2011 and 2012 dates can be downloaded here (podaci o rokovima za prijavu, kao i datumima panela, na engleskom jeziku)

Više o EQA

(na engleskom jeziku; za sada je apliciranje za EQA moguće samo na engleskom)

The EMCC quality standards offer the market place the much needed framework to enable:

  • Purchasers of coaching and mentoring services to understand the quality of what they are buying and to make appropriate choices for their respective needs.
  • HR and Learning Development specialists to chose appropriate programmes for developing their own managers and leaders in coaching and or mentoring skills.
  • HR and Learning Development specialists to develop their own programmes to industry equivalent standards and to get theses programmes accredited.
  • Individuals who wish to train as coaches and mentors to select programmes with confidence that the content is of high quality and relevant to and recognised by the market they wish to enter
  • Training providers to design their programmes equivalent to the respective standards and gain recognition for the quality of their provision.

The standards have been created from the basis of the extensive competency research conducted by EMCC but go much further than this to define the levels of practice, the contexts, reflection and planning as well as the theory.

There are four categories of award – Foundation, Intermediate, Practitioner and Master giving awards equivalent to levels 3 and 4 and 5 NVQs (undergraduate degree) and to postgraduate certificates, diplomas and masters degree.

The essence of this work is to provide a framework against which current or new programmes can be benchmarked and developed on the basis of equivalence. They are not intended as a straightjacket to limit the content or restrict the organic growth of coaching and mentoring concepts but to guide buyers, programme developers and practitioners on the standards that should be expected within differing contexts.

The growth and development of coaching and mentoring in Europe is dynamic and evolving and hence these standards provide the start point not the end. Through ongoing consultation with stakeholders, including buyers, practitioners, professional bodies and institutions these standards will be continually assesed and revised to respond to the organic nature of our profession.

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