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EMCC Global Team Coaching Training Quality Award (TCQA)

The EMCC Global Team Coaching Quality Award logoEMCC Global was the first body to develop a Team Coaching accreditation for training programmes and individuals – the Team Coaching Quality Award for programmes and the associated Individual Team Coaching Award.

Defining Team Coaching

Team coaching focuses on helping the team collectively achieve the team’s work in terms of both task work and team work through sustained professional dialogue that raises the individual and collective level of reflection and self-awareness, and challenges the team’s thinking and behaviors as they develop their own sustainable solutions and practices.

Students of TCQA-accredited programmes undertake their learning and development under the rigour of EMCC Global Accreditation Core Standards for team coaching.

Launched in May 2020, the EMCC Global Team Coaching Quality Award (TCQA) for education and training providers, and the associated Individual Team Coaching Accreditation (ITCA)  and professional designation for team coaches were the first globally recognised standards for team coaching accreditation.  More …….

To find out more about TCQA or ITCA please contact [email protected]

You can view a list of EMCC Global Accredited Team Coaching Providers here

Team Coaching is a relatively new practice compared to individual coaching and mentoring. EMCC Global has responded to this emerging field, working with a number of valued partners to develop the TCQA – EMCC Global Team Coaching Quality Award and the ITCA – EMCC Global Individual Team Coaching Accreditation:

The EMCC Global TCQA and ITCA both draw from the same set of core standards, which themselves were developed, following research, extensive survey and ongoing dialogue, by EMCC Global and in collaboration with team coaches:

  • Multi-stakeholder contracting and relationship management
  • Multi-stakeholder diagnostics
  • Evidence-based methods of team effectiveness
  • Systems thinking and group dynamics
  • Team coaching models and approaches
  • Managing the team coaching process
  • Experimentation and adaptability
  • Partnering with other coaches and facilitators
  • Developing your own team coaching practice
  • Supervision and reflective practice
  • Understanding self and self-development
  • Self-care and resilience

TCQA and ITCA Downloads

EMCC GLOBAL TEAM COACHING STANDARDS documentation to support the EMCC Global Team Coaching Accreditation for PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE – TCQA and ITCA:

  • Team Coaching Standards slides showing an overview of the EMCC Global Team Coaching Standards
  • Application form for ITCA and EIA combined (if TCQA Training has not been completed), However, validated Team Coach experience is established and EIA is already in place
  • Declaration to sign if TCQA or equivalent training has been completed and certificate to confirm can be provided, PLUS EIA or equivalent already in place.
  • TCQA Application Form
  • Team Coaching Indicative Profile – across all levels.

ITCA Team Coach CRITERIA for each level; EIA being in place is also a requirement across all levels

  • ITCA FOUNDATION LEVEL working with at least one team PLUS an EMCC Global TCQA Foundation level, or equivalent Team Coach Foundation Level education and training and/or experience via Reflective Practice LOGS and/or Case Studies; 
  • ITCA PRACTITIONER LEVEL working with at least three teams PLUS EMCC Global TCQA Practitioner Level or equivalent Team Coach Practitioner Level qualification and/or experience via Reflective Practice LOGS and/or Case Studies; 
  • ITCA SENIOR PRACTITIONER LEVEL with at least five teams PLUS EMCC Global TCQA Senior Practitioner Level or equivalent Team Coach Senior Practitioner qualification and/or experience via Reflective Practice LOGS and/or Case Studies; 
  • ITCA MASTER PRACTITIONER with at least seven teams internationally PLUS TCQA Master Practitioner Level or equivalent Team Coach Master Practitioner qualification and/or experience via Reflective Practice LOGS and/or Case Studies, PLUS sustained contribution to the profession (see separate criteria).

Developing a globally-recognised approach to Team Coaching

EMCC Global is indebted to all who have contributed to the consultation survey and continue to contribute to the ongoing dialogue. It is now extending the ‘testing’ and review of the global standards in the field with its renowned EMCC Global – Accredited Quality Award Providers and ‘thought leaders’.

Erik de Haan, Ashridge HULT, Director of Ashridge Centre for Coaching, and colleague Dorothee Stoffels, Programme Director of the Ashridge Team Coaching for Consultants Programme, running since 2015, commented: “We feel it is essential that team coaches are able to provide a sound, in-depth, reflective service to leadership teams to enable them to be more effective and innovative. We welcome this important work by EMCC Global to create professional standards for team coaches that can inform a thorough Accreditation process.”

Professor David Clutterbuck and Professor Peter Hawkins said: “Every organisation around the world in increasingly reliant on greater teamwork to cope with growing challenges, greater complexity and uncertain environments. The skills of teaming are still often embryonic at best. We estimate the need for at least 150,000 newly qualified and accredited team coaches over the next three to five years. This is a vast challenge and possibly the biggest challenge the coaching profession has faced to date. The EMCC Global team coaching standards will play a critical role in this evolution. As Co-Deans of the recently launched WBECS/Global Team Coaching Institute (GTCI), we welcome the initiative of EMCC Global in launching these standards at such a critical time.”

Denise Whitworth, EMCC Global Vice President Accreditation said: EMCC Global Accreditation is an opportunity to engage in a rewarding professional dialogue and process of ‘dynamic inquiry’ to frame our ongoing practice as leaders, coaches, mentors and supervisors. Accreditation is how we celebrate and regulate practice. It shows clients and organisations that their leaders, coaches, mentors and supervisors are up to date, that they adhere to a Global Code of Ethics and have a depth of EMCC Global-approved practice.

I would like to congratulate everyone involved in establishing this trailblazing EMCC Global Team Coaching Quality Award and Professional Designation and, thanks to their engagement, ensuring continued confidence in EMCC Global-accredited practitioners.”  

Dr Riza Kadilar EMCC Global President says: “EMCC Global now has a presence in more than 140 countries across the world, with more than 40,000 graduates from our accredited training programmes. We are delighted to be a trusted partner of some of the most prestigious providers of training and post graduate study in the world, and more and more practitioners are choosing EMCC Global for their Accreditation because of the depth of thinking, reflection and innovation.

The fact that we have now introduced a new quality award for team coaching programmes including recommendations for professional designation shows that our own teams and networks are innovative in adapting to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.”

If you would like information on how to get accredited please contact [email protected]

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