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ISMCP Standards

What are the core standards?

EMCC applies six core standards to programmes as follows:

1. Clarity of purpose

  • The strategic drivers and objectives of the programme are clearly defined.
  • The intended outcomes and benefits of the programme are understood by all the stakeholder audiences.
  • The outcomes are translated into viable and well understood learning objectives for each mentoring and/or coaching relationship.

2. Stakeholder training and briefing

  • Participants and stakeholders understand the concept of mentoring and/or coaching and their respective roles.
  • Participants are aware of the skills and behaviours they need to apply in their roles as mentors/coaches and mentees/coachees; and have an opportunity to identify skills gaps.
  • Learning support is available throughout the first 12 months of their involvement in the programme.

3. Process for selection and matching

  • Participants and stakeholders understand the selection and matching methodology and criteria.
  • Mentors and/or coaches are selected to meet the specific needs of mentees and/or coachees.
  • Both mentors/coaches and mentees/coachees have an influence on whether they participate and who they agree to pair with
  • There is a process for recognising and unwinding matches that do not work; and for reassigning the participants, if they wish.

4. Processes for measurement and review

The programme is reviewed and measured sufficiently frequently and appropriately to:

  • Identify problems with individual relationships
  • Make timely adjustments to programme processes
  • Provide a meaningful cost-benefit analysis and impact analysis.

5. Maintains high standard of ethics

  • Roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders are clearly defined and communicated to all key stakeholders.
  • The programme adheres to clear guidelines on the behaviour and responsibilities of all stakeholders.
  • There is a process for recognising and managing conflicts of interest between stakeholders (e.g. between mentees and/or coachees and the organisation).

6. Administration and support

  • Participants have adequate support throughout the formal programme and, where appropriate beyond.
  • The programme is managed professionally, the programme methodology and processes are transparent and available to all key stakeholders.

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