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The EMCC glossary has been put together to assist all applicants (EIA, EQA, ESQA, ESIA) who may or may not have English as their first language. The terms have been chosen on the basis of frequency of queries and/or debates on their meaning in other languages.

Some of the definitions are already found in EMCC accreditation manuals or other EMCC documents. Others reflect the terminology of European Qualification Framework (EQF). There are also those that come directly from international dictionaries. In all cases, the definitions included in this glossary are not suggested as the only correct ones from a linguistic perspective but they reflect how EMCC uses these terms.

The list is by no means exhaustive, rather it is meant as a dynamic and evolving document to which terms will be added as per the experience of applicants, assessors and local language translators.

Download the glossary here

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