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EMCC GPS Network

Our EMCC Global GPS Network brings together our EMCC-accredited providers, leaders, coaches, mentors and supervisors from across the world, with a key strategic aim:

Co-creating the future for our professional practice

The network was formed from our 2018 EMCC Global GPS – Global Provider Summit – and continues to evolve. We have met in person and virtually, we have come together in summits and we have continued conversations in a variety of media.

All our EMCC Global members are welcome to join the network and benefit from a number of areas:

  • Invitations to the GPS Dialogue Series
  • Links for GPS session recordings
  • Tap into a hive mind to further your area of research
  • Meet new connections across the world
  • Keep up to date with innovative developments in coaching and mentoring
  • Network with colleagues old and new
  • Belong to the mutually supportive EMCC Global family
  • Contribute your ideas to inform EMCC Global strategic objectives

The 2023 GPS Dialogue Series – book your place and take part in the discussion

Be the first to know when new sessions are ‘live’ for booking – sign up to our Eventbrite page here



Recordings from previous GPS Dialogue Series sessions are below and the full YouTube playlist is here


The EMCC Global GPS Dialogue Series

The EMCC Global GPS Dialogue Series enables future development and thinking in coaching, mentoring and supervision, bringing together practitioners, providers and thought leaders as we continue a theme of co-creating our profession. It’s free to take part.

The series continues from the EMCC Global GPS – Global Provider Summit – bringing together our EQA-accredited education and training providers with coaches, mentors and supervisors across the world.

The purpose is to co-create our professional practice, challenging perceptions and bringing new ideas and perspectives. Expect a camera-on engagement as we bring peers together via Zoom in an interactive dialogue.

A half-hour networking with peers follows after each dialogue.

Benefits include: learning and sharing new perspectives, networking with new colleagues, getting to know potential new future partners, bringing examples to inform global practice, keeping abreast with new trends and directions, continued professional development (CPD)

Recordings from the dialogues are posted on our YouTube channel, under the GPS Dialogue playlist here.

Contributions to the EMCC Global strategic priorities for accreditation

The EMCC GPS Network was set up to further thinking in our professions and further inform our strategic priorities:

  1. Insights and Innovation

To develop insights into innovation across all EMCC Global Accreditations

  1. Responding to a changing world

To create opportunities for ‘leading voices’ to inspire accredited practice and learning transformation

  1. Governance to Regulate and Professionalise Practice

To consolidate, secure, support and sustain growth in EMCC Global Accreditations to regulate practice

  1. Digital Transformation

To explore and share advances in digital technology to transform education and training concepts, systems and delivery

  1. Human Development, Learning and Experience

To reinforce and celebrate our pioneering ’Gold Standard’ EMCC Global Accreditation process, a continuous cycle of human development, lifelong learning, reflective practice, self and peer review

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