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How to apply

Having an EMCC Global Individual Accreditation (EIA) is really a celebration of everything you have experienced or learned as a coach, mentor or leader up to now.

It says to your clients or your organisations that you are practicing at a level which has been assessed and verified by a professional body.

We award our EIAs at Foundation, Practitioner, Senior Practitioner, and Master Practitioner. The level depends on the length of experience you have, your training, and a reflection of your practice.

Ways you can apply

Achieving your EIA through your education or training provider

If you completed your education or training with one of our accredited providers (they will hold an EMCC Global Quality Award – EQA) then we are reassured that your education and training have included everything that you need in order to be recommended for your EMCC Global Individual Accreditation (EIA).

You should automatically receive contact from us once we are notified of your programme graduation from the provider.  If you have completed your course and submitted your course documentation to your provider but you have not heard from us, then please contact your EQA course provider and ask them to confirm your graduation to us.

The Five Day Challenge

If you find paperwork a challenge, or just need a helping hand to get you to where you want to be, then you could also consider registering for one of our Five Day Challenges.

The Five Day Challenge is an intense week of dialogue with a cohort of your peers and led by a facilitator. You work through the application as a group, supporting each other and together overcoming whatever it is that has been holding you back from applying; we find that for many people the barrier is usually difficulty finding the time, or finding logs, or getting distracted – the Five Day Challenge is a dedicated time for you to work through it in a supportive way.

This is a good route for people who have not completed a regular training route, who are not sure whether their previous experience ‘counts’, who need some additional support or who have just got stuck.

You can read more about the Five Day Challenge by clicking this link

Self-guided application

We have put together a  ‘guide to applying’ which can be downloaded here. After reading the guide please contact [email protected] with any questions or to register your intent to apply.

You can view a list of current EIA holders here


In many cases, especially if you have a quick question or need some clarification, a call with an assessor will be best for you. To contact us about this, email [email protected] 

Find an EMCC Mentor/Coach, Supervisor, or Global Volunteer

Search through our database to find an EMCC Mentor/Coach or EMCC Accredited Supervisor near you who matches your requirements. If you are an EMCC mentor/coach or EMCC Accredited Supervisor and wish to edit the basic profile already in place then please log in, go to membership, then choose the option for 'My Account'.

You can also use this search facility to find all our EMCC Global Volunteers, see who volunteers for what, and contact them via their EMCC email addresses. If you are an EMCC Global Volunteer and wish to amend your volunteer profile please contact [email protected]