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Five Day Sprint Challenge

We can help you get ready to submit your application for EMCC Global Individual Accreditation – or have a roadmap to get there – through our Five Day Sprint Challenge

If you are a trained coach or mentor, you have been practicing for at least two years and you have had some great feedback from clients, yet for some reason you have not yet achieved an individual accreditation with EMCC Global.

We have found that there are usually just a few things that prevent people from achieving their professional designation – sometimes it’s that they can’t find the paperwork, or have questions about their experience, or get sidetracked, or can’t find client feedback etc. Sometimes they are just not aware of accreditation!

Join us for a week of in-depth dynamic enquiry and reflection, as we help you identify what you need for your application, help you overcome barriers and just get it done! It’s straight forward – you will start the process on a Monday and be ready to submit on the Friday, spending just an hour or so each day in a group webinar and getting everything sourced and logged for your final submission.

You will be part of a group of coaches and mentors who all at the same point in their career as you – these connections could last a lifetime and set up mutual support for you as you progress as a professional coach or mentor.

Be prepared for a week of professional dialogue, dynamic inquiry, and solidarity – we aim to build as much value in the process as we do the destination!

Throughout the week, an EMCC Global facilitator will take you through the steps and hold your hand as you complete the process. If you need additional support during the week, we can organise advisor discussions for you. If you would benefit from an accountability partner then you can set that up as well during the sessions.

By the end of the week, you will either be in a position to submit your application, or have a clear action plan for any additional logs you need to find or experience you need to gain which will allow you to do so. And we will continue to support you until you get there.

Holding an EMCC Global Individual Accreditation (EIA) is a way of demonstrating to your peers and your clients that you are serious about your professional development, that you subscribe to an globally recognised code of ethics, and that you maintain and build on the highest standards.

It shows that you are part of the EMCC Global family, and able to draw on the combined experience and expertise of some of the best performing coaches, mentors, and supervisors across the world.

We run EMCC Global Five Day Sprint Challenges every few weeks. In addition to this, individual training providers and/or country groups also run them at a local level.

How to join a Five Day Sprint Challenge

Keep an eye on our LinkedIn and Eventbrite pages – we always advertise our Five Day Sprint Challenges on these platforms.

We also use Eventbrite to keep email lists of people who would like to be alerted when we run the next 5DC – if you would like to be invited to future ones then leave your details here

Comments from previous Five Day Sprint Challenge participants

What I find new and refreshing is the personal one-one approach, so different these days.

This brings much needed light, structure and forward progress to what I am doing and want to do.

Wonderful to see all these professional people on the same journey

A great opportunity for take our time, and to be motivated against new things to growing ourselves

Feeling of encouragement and thankfulness that I am lucky to see this great idea during such heavy time

Very clear process, with your direction and having this support into the rooms.

From the outside, when I was trying to prepare myself on my own to accomplish this, it looked much more difficult.

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