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Skills Agenda for Europe

EMCC Global Position Paper on The Skills Agenda for Europe

A pdf version of the original position paper can be downloaded here

A communications update on the EU Pact for Skills can be downloaded here

The Skills Agenda for Europe should speak to people’s hearts and minds to enable them to deal positively with change. This is best achieved through a bottom-up approach. The practice of leadership, mentoring, coaching, and supervision makes sure that European citizens feel part of the dual transition towards a greener and more digital future, and ensures that change happens intrinsically. Read the EMCC position paper on the the EU Skills Agenda here

EMCC is in favor of an inclusive and sustainable EU Skills Agenda that prepares the European workforce for the dual transition through mentoring and coaching. EMCC Accreditation holds lifelong learning, ethics and standards in high regard. EMCC encourages the European Commission to make use of the EMCC methodology of mentoring, coaching, and supervision accreditation to make sure EU policy is backed by evidence-based research and is fit for purpose in dealing with change.

The twin digital and green transitions will require reskilling and upskilling of the European workforce. These efforts will be helped by mentoring and coaching programmes. The EMCC leadership, mentoring, and coaching services make sure that people’s motivation for change and well-being is ensured during the major transitions of our time. EMCC helps people not to fear the transitions ahead, but to make the most out of them.

The updated Skills Agenda for Europe must contribute to an inclusive economy that works for the people. EMCC accredited mentors, coaches, and supervisors across Europe and worldwide contribute to inclusive societies by making sure that every European individual has access to mentoring, coaching, and supervision programmes, programme management, and frameworks to benchmark ‘best practice’. EMCC encourages the Commission and EU Member States to make use of the EMCC local and regional representatives and their strategic partners’ expertise in providing mentoring, coaching, and supervision services in order to implement Europe’s policies and help citizens be ready for the future.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one that is most adaptable to change.

Charles Darwin, Origin of Species, 1859

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