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EMCC Social Responsibility

EMCC Global Social Responsibility in Africa


EMCC Global is seeking donations to help us help our coachees in Africa so we can replace their stolen phones and laptops

Founded by Kevin Oluwanifesi Ayeni in NigeriaImpactB4Income seeks to change the lives of young Nigerians by equipping them with entrepreneurial and leadership skills or, in Kevin’s own words,‘to become more valuable to the marketplace’.

The main objective of this project is to coach these socio-economically challenged young adults to acquire self-confidence, entrepreneurial spirit, and desirable leadership values with the hope that they would then be able to contribute to society at large and emerge as role models for Africa. Part of the coaching process will also involve the use of a psychometric personality questionnaire, to be sponsored by TalenX, aimed at helping the coaches gain a scientific insight into the coachees.

30 volunteers from 16 countries and 5 continents have come together to change lives in Nigeria with ImpactB4Income, an NGO founded by Kevin Ayeni to develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills amongst Nigerian youth.
On 9 September 2020, EMCC Global kicked off its ‘ImpactB4Income Social Responsibility Project Africa’ with the on boarding session for all the EMCC volunteers.
The project is co-led by Vimala Suppiah and Christina Demetriades, EMCC Global Volunteers, working with Ivan Yong, Head of EMCC Global WorkGroup on Social Responsibility.
A big thank you to Nicholas Chan of TalenX for sponsoring the personality questionnaires – a key behavioural assessment to enhance the project.
All the volunteer Coaches are supported by Coach Supervision from EMCC Global Accredited and all Coach Supervisors are supported through Supervision of Supervision, thus maintaining EMCC Global quality standards.
If you have an idea for a Social Responsibility programme in your country then do get in touch with us and let us know more details.

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