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What are the benefits for EMCC in setting up a Social Responsibility project?

It is a way to direct members’ energy towards a societal cause. An opportunity to join a community of coaches, mentors, supervisors, facilitators for shared understanding and development of practice. Additionally, in developing EMCC, through active and volunteer participation.

What is the overall objective of promoting Social Responsibility at EMCC?

It is an opportunity for each person to be an ambassador of their profession, demonstrating that coaching, mentoring, supervision as a helping intervention, is an efficient and worthwhile process and, thus beneficial in assisting people to develop.

What support can you get from EMCC?

There is an EMCC International Steering Group for Social Responsibility helping to develop projects in many countries. Administrative support is available from EMCC international.  You can contact the International co-ordinator at [email protected]

Is there a conflict between Social Responsibility and regular paid coaching, mentoring, supervision ?

There is no possible conflict, as the beneficiaries or NGOs must absolutely prove a low level of revenues in order to be enrolled in the system.

How should you structure Social Responsibility (SR) in your country?

It is necessary to have one reference person for SR, acting as co-ordinator, in your country. This person will gather a group of members dedicated to the development of this activity.

What is the first step to start Social Responsibility in your country?

First step is to locate and partner with another active organisation, in order to find potential beneficiaries.

What is Social Responsibility and what is it not?

It is a way to contribute to a societal cause by volunteering time, energy, and professionalism to people deeply in need.

It is not pro-bono coaching, mentoring, supervision, delivered to a person or NGO who can otherwise afford to cover their own fees. This would jeopardise existing businesses.

What kinds of Social Responsibility partnerships already exist?

Several partnerships already exist in different countries for Solidarity Coaching and pro-bono Mentoring e.g. Salvation Army, Swiss Red Cross, Force Femme, Solidarité Nouvelle contre Chômage, WWF, Action Aide, Greenpeace, Praksis, Klimaka, Médecins du Monde, Doctors Without Borders, Global water, Frateli, Dress for Success etc.

Can anyone become a volunteer in this area ?

You need to be a member of EMCC with a current subscription and be trained in coaching, mentoring, supervision, with a certification from a training school.

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