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Reflective and Reflexive Practice Sessions

Reflection and reflexion

This bimonthly series is led by EMCC Global Master Practitioner Catherine Marissiaux and EMCC Global Senior Practitioner Anne Berthelin on behalf of EMCC Global Accreditation.

Reflective and Reflexive (R&R) Practice is a key element of EMCC Global accreditation – and this series is a key resource for practitioners looking to accredit their practice as well as those working towards future levels or maintaining their current practice level.

The bimonthly sessions on Zoom will invite participants to look at different models for reflection and reflexion, before breaking out into small groups to practice.

This is an immersive session with the expectation that participants will be able to engage fully in both plenary and in any breakout groups, with camera and microphone on. There is no NBR (no breakout room) option for this series and apart from the explanation of the model, it will not be recorded.

Each session will be repeated – one occurrence in English and one in French. Everyone attending will have the option to use Zoom translated captions, this means that irrespective of the spoken language, people will be able to read automatically translated captions at the bottom of their screens.


Practice working with the STARR reflection model

In this session of R&R practice, we will experiment with the STARR model, which is widely known and used in different professional fields all around the world.

We will first share inputs about what ‘Reflective and Reflexive practice’ is exactly. We hear and read a lot about it, but do we really know what it covers?

The first part of the session will focus on clarifying ‘Reflection and Reflexive practice’, which is the core of the journey for a coach/mentor/leader coach interested in accreditation and /or professional continuous development.

The second part of the session will be a live experimentation of the STARR model with your hosts Catherine  Marissiaux (EIA MP) and Anne Berthelin (EIA SP, ESIA). You will practice the reflection model in small breakout rooms and share your learning outcomes and ways to enrich your practice with all participants.

The first session of the day, 2024 March 18th, 9.30am CET, will be in English.

The second session of the same day, 2024 March 18th, 6.00pm CET, will be in French.

The STARR model helps to effectively evaluate past experiences (reflection on action), identify areas for improvement, and plan for future professional development (reflection for action).

The STARR is an acronym for Situation, Task, Action, Result, and Reflection.


Dans cette deuxième session de pratique “Reflective & Réflexive”, nous expérimenterons le modèle STARR qui est largement connu et utilisé dans différents domaines professionnels à travers le monde.

Nous partagerons d’abord des informations sur ce qu’est exactement l’approche réflexive.

Nous entendons et lisons beaucoup de choses à ce sujet, mais savons-nous vraiment ce que cela recouvre ?

La première partie de la session se concentrera sur la clarification de la pratique réflexive, qui est au cœur du parcours d’un coach / mentor / leader coach intéressé par l’accréditation et / ou le développement professionnel continu.

La deuxième partie de la session sera une expérimentation en direct du modèle STARR avec vos hôtes Catherine Marissiaux (EIA MP) et Anne Berthelin (EIA SP, ESIA). Vous pratiquerez le modèle de réflexion en sous-groupes , puis partagerez vos apprentissages et moyens d’enrichir votre pratique avec tous les participants.

Le modèle STARR permet d’évaluer efficacement les expériences passées (réflexion sur l’action), d’identifier les domaines à améliorer et de planifier le développement professionnel futur (réflexion pour l’action).

Le modèle STARR est un acronyme pour Situation, Tâche, Action, Résultat et Réflexion.

Future dates for your diary

Practice working with the Clare Beckett-McInroy

  • Tuesday 21 May 2024
  • In English 9am-11am CET
  • Wednesday 22 May 2024
  • In English with French translation (plus Zoom auto caption translation), 9am-11am CET

Practice working with the GIBBS model

  • Monday 24 June 2024
  • In French 9am-11am CET
  • In English 6pm-8pm CET

Recordings and materials

Catherine and Anne’s presentation on the importance of reflection and its value to your continued accreditation with EMCC Global

The 7Cs for Being Fully Human, with Elaine Patterson and Karyn Prentice.

What is R&R?

There are two clearly distinct key steps in R&R:

Reflective and Reflexive Practice


About your hosts

Your hosts for this series are Catherine Marissiaux and Anne Berthelin, both experienced and accredited coaches, facilitators and assessors with EMCC Global, based in France and working in both English and French.

Catherine is an EMCC Global Master Practitioner (EIA) and accredited supervisor (ESIA). She has been assessing and facilitating the EMCC Global Five Day Challenge since 2020, assessing individual coaches and mentors toward achieving their own EIA. She is a member of the EMCC Global individual accreditation work group, a member of the assessors and verifiers CPD group and a previous lead for accreditation within EMCC France.


AnneCo-lead Anne is an EMCC Global Senior Practitioner and accredited supervisor (ESIA) as well as a certified supervisor and trainer and member of CSA faculty. She has been a valued facilitator on the EMCC Global Five Day Challenge since 2022 and is an EMCC Global assessor. She is a member of the EMCC Global EIA work group and the assessors CPD group, also a prior EIA lead for EMCC France.

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