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Awards terms and conditions

General information

Each year around September time, EMCC Global launches it’s nominations for the year’s award winners.

There are three awards given annually – one for Mentoring, one for Coaching, and one for Supervision.

You can enter as many nominations as you want for each of the three awards – Mentoring, Coaching, and Supervision.


EMCC Global awards are open to all.

You do not have to be a member to nominate someone for an award.

You do not have to be a member to be nominated for an award.

Awards, categories, and criteria

Within each award (mentoring, coaching, supervision) there are six categories you can nominate in:

  1. A coach, mentor, or supervisor
  2. An organisation
  3. A training programme
  4. A contribution (e.g. book, article, research
  5. A champion of coaching, mentoring, or supervision
  6. Other

The following criteria are used by the judges when considering the awards:

  • Impact and contribution to the mentoring/coaching/supervision industry
  • Inspirational contribution
  • Social impact aligning with EMCCs purpose: ‘existing to develop, promote, and set the expectation of best practice in coaching, mentoring, and supervision globally for the benefit of society’.

Getting nominated

Nominations are made about another person, organisation, training programme, contribution etc. i.e. you DO NOT nominate yourself for an award.

It is possible for several nominations to be made for the same entry.  If you are seeking nominations from your client/colleagues please don’t just ask them to copy and paste material you have prepared for them or something from your marketing literature.  The nomination should be a genuine reflection on how the nominee meets the award criteria.

The judges will take the number of nominations into account, however, the will mainly be looking at the quality of the nomination and the impact that nominee has made on the mentoring, coaching, or supervision industry.

The best nominations are those that are clear about why the nomination is being made and the impact the nominee has made i.e. how they meet the award criteria.  The more information provided here the better the panel is able to judge the entry.

About the judges

A panel of judges, chaired by the EMCC Global President and made up past winners of the award, a representative selection of EMCC Affiliated Country Presidents, and other invited guests, will select the coaching, mentoring, and supervision award winner(s).

The judges decision is final and there is no route for appeal.


All nominees will be informed of their nomination as they are received. All nominees will also be issued with a ‘banner’ stating they have been nominated which they can use in their marketing material e.g. email signature, website etc.

The winners are notified in late December/early January.  A press release and announcement of the award winners is then prepared and made early January.

The winners for each category (coaching, mentoring, supervision) are invited to attend a special awards ceremony.  This can be either a virtual ceremony or may take place at the next EMCC Global conference www.EMCCconference.org

All award winners will also be issued with a ‘banner’ stating they have won the award which they can use in their marketing material e.g. email signature, website etc.

Where appropriate the panel will also choose some entries as ‘highly commended’ or ‘shortlisted’ and these nominations will be recognised with an appropriate banner of their own.

Other awards

There are also three other annual awards.

  1. A discretionary President’s award given by the President of EMCC to someone, or something, that they deem to have made the most noteworthy contribution to the world of coaching, mentoring, and or supervision .
  2. A discretionary award for Solidarity Coaching www.solidaritycoaching.org – nominations for this award come from EMCC Affiliated Country Presidents

Further information

If you have any questions about the EMCC Global awards please contact [email protected]

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